Understanding Side Load Truck Capabilities

When you say the words “side load”, depending on whom you’re talking to, a very specific picture will come to mind for different people. There are sideload garbage trucks, which everyone is relatively familiar with. There are side loader trucks/trailers which basically pick up massive cargo containers and load them onto trailers – from the side. Finally, there are transport trucks that offer the option of sideloading – like soda/beer delivery trucks. Obviously, with each of these, there are various side load truck capabilities. They serve very different purposes.

First, let’s look at a side load truck, such as those that carry the nation’s most popular sodas and malt beverages. For the record, there are also side load forklifts.

Side Loading Beverage Trucks

Mickey Truck Bodies carries an impressive selection of side loaders.

As an example, there are smaller side load units that have 8.5 bay bodies or 6.5 bay bodies. In convenience store parking lots, these vehicles offer better maneuverability. To help with the driver shortage issue, a CDL license is not required when using smaller units.

If a company favors side load and bulk trailers, rather than the conventional trailer/tractor fleet, they may choose to go with the liftgate equipped 26-foot non-CDL van body. For charging electric pallets and gate delivery devices, there is a roof mounted solar charging system. These trucks also have charging systems for electric delivery carts that are on board. Very quickly, these units could become a priority for numerous beverage delivery companies due to their promotion of profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

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Side Loaders Truck/Trailer

You may have seen a side loader in action if you happened to be in the vicinity of a cargo barge or other location where cargo containers are stored. These machines are used to lift a container onto a trailer with two hydraulic lifting cranes and are typically skeletal in nature. This unit consists of cranes or lift modules directly installed into the chassis of the trailer. These units can be operated by remote control or by the driver using the side controls on the machine.

From the driver side of the vehicle/trailer, the container is offloaded onto the ground. It lands to the side of the loader between the two outrigger feet when it’s unloaded. It ends up approximately half a meter from the truck’s side, parallel to the truck itself.

These are most frequently used for specialized transport over long distances. Depending on the unit itself, various lifting capacities apply. As an example, one side load truck/trailer has the following capacities:

  • 3200 mm maximum stabilizer outreach
  • 4000 mm maximum working range
  • 37,000 kg maximum lifting capacity
  • 4000 Kg Maximum Gross Mass

Side Loading Garbage Trucks

Most people have seen a side loading garbage truck in their neighborhood or someone else’s. In residential neighborhoods, this model is particularly beneficial. Only a single operator is required for this vehicle, giving it a distinct advantage over others. The driver manually empties a garbage container, rather than a second person being required.

The waste container operates from the side and is lifted by a hydraulic arm. Lifting capacity varies by truck/arm, but in higher end models, as much as 1600 pounds can be lifted. Rather than trying to position a trash container behind the vehicle, the driver can simply pull up to the side of the container.

One of the biggest advantages of a side loading truck (side loader) is that, from any other wagon, truck, or trailer, and/or from the ground, anytime and anywhere you can unload and load it. What’s more, you can do so without having to use third-party equipment and without disturbing the customer. Wherever and whenever you want, you can unload and load a side load truck swiftly.

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