Box Truck Lift Gate Maintenance

One important supply chain and cargo management industry piece of equipment is the liftgate. What is a liftgate? Mounted at the rear end of a step van, box truck, or freight truck, it is a metal foldaway platform. From below the truck, it extends out and plays the role of a cargo lifting platform. It moves cargo up to the level of the truck bed from ground level. Palletized cargo can also be moved down to the ground courtesy of this liftgate. The freight carrier can use minimal effort in the lifting of this gate and cargo.

Highly Usable Lift Gates

When cargo is too heavy to load by hand, lift gates are particularly useful. Some of the benefits included when you install a liftgate on your truck are as follows:

  • Cargo damage is decreased
  • A reduction of heavy lifting-related worker injuries
  • Flexibility for trailers and trucks to unload and load at ground and dock levels
  • Efficiency is increased fleetwide
  • Increase in the safety and speed of loading operations from and to trailers and trucks

The Logistics Industry

Clearly, one of the most valuable innovations in the industry of logistics is truck lift gate installation. Related to operations, it improves safety, productivity, and speed. But, to ensure their safe operation and maximize their useful years, lift gates must be properly maintained. Preventative maintenance must be implemented. Make sure that your liftgate technician gets the chance to do the following:

  • Before major problems occur, address minor issues
  • To assure proper fluid levels, check the levels frequently
  • See to the lubrication of all major components

Liftgate Maintenance

To maximize reliability and usefulness of a liftgate it is essential that periodic maintenance be done. Here are some practical steps for maintenance:

  • Liftgate not working properly? Encourage operators to report problems as soon as they notice them.
  • So that problems get noticed, have operators perform daily check lists and inspections. Make these inspections standard operating procedure.
  • Because both the operator and the liftgate can be injured or damaged through improper use, make sure that proper liftgate operation is part of an educational program for operators.
  • For each unit, keep the maintenance checklist and a recording method that is consistent. Again, this will help in identifying issues that may be recurring or problems that need attention. It will also help, when it comes time to buy new lift gates, in the decision-making process.
  • Based on manufacturer prescribed time intervals or liftgate cycles, perform preventative maintenance. Even if everything seems to be in normal working order, the PM plan must be adhered to. PM intervals can be shortened according to normal versus heavy usage, as well. Improper maintenance will lead to part failure which will lead to an inoperable liftgate.
  • Regarding the inspection requirements and maintenance of a liftgate, adopt the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.

Lift gates are crucial to your business. It can mean the difference between failure and success in operations that handle cargo. Any maintenance done on these vehicles should be done by qualified, certified service personnel. Mickey Genuine Parts can help with maintenance. Throughout the United States, we have numerous certified service center locations. Contact us today to set up an appointment or discuss the shipping of a part or accessory.

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