Understanding Key Propane Delivery Truck Components

It seems, no matter what time of year, you’re bound to see a propane delivery truck drive by on a frequent basis. In winter, heating devices use propane. In summer, people enjoy grilling and camping. Propane is highly depended upon in many areas. Making up propane trucks are numerous parts, components, and systems. These bobtails (how propane trucks are referred to in the industry), are more than standard delivery trucks. They have specialized equipment that better allows for safe and efficient handling of propane. Let’s take a look at some of the key components involved where propane delivery trucks are concerned.

Propane Delivery Truck Interior

These items can be found on the inside of propane delivery truck tanks:

  • Ticket meter – Allowing propane feed from the rear-of-the-truck meter box are digital tablets inside the propane truck. A ticket is printed out, with the appropriate information on it, thanks to communication back to the box. It also notes account delivery status.
  • Internal pump and valve – So that propane can be delivered, this pumps it to the hose, through the meter.

Tank Exteriors

The items can be found on the outside of propane delivery truck tanks:

  • Placard – On all four sides of the truck, a 1075 placard is placed to alert emergency responders of what’s inside the tank.
  • Emergency shutoff – In the event of an emergency, the system can be immediately shut off with this switch (which is located near the taillight).
  • Tank percentage gauge – A tank’s propane level can be easily monitored by the driver thanks to this back-of-the-truck-mounted gauge.
  • Meter – To assure the proper delivery of gallon amounts, technology within the meter houses are used. They are mounted on the truck’s deck.
  • Excess flow valve – Pressurized liquid or gas flows in either direction through the in-line valve mechanism. When the closing flow rate is exceeded by the flow through the valve, the valves close.
  • Hose and valve filling connector – This is where the delivery hose attaches to the tank. To begin fueling, the driver turns the valve lever upward. When completed, the valve is turned down.
  • Delivery hose/hose reel – The hose is stored in the hose reel. The part that allows liquid propane to flow from the delivery tank to a storage tank is the hose.
  • The tank itself is probably the most recognizable, well-known part of one of these trucks. It’s unmistakable and highly noticeable thanks to the logo, in most cases. This tank is responsible for holding the LP (liquid propane).

Propane Delivery Trucks in General

The highest level of safety goes into the equipping of propane delivery tanks and trucks for the following reasons:

  • Efficient delivery to the customer. 
  • Ensure safe handling and transportation for drivers.

Additionally, before even hitting the road, in-depth safety training is required for delivery drivers. Each one must have air brake endorsements, tanker endorsements, and be hazmat certified. Every 10 years, tanks should be recertified and tested per safety and industry regulations.

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