Introducing Different Low Bed Trailer Suspension Systems

The suspension systems that heavy-duty vehicles (e.g., a low bed trailer) use is one of the major considerations when people purchase them. Several things determine a semi-trailer’s suspension system such as stability, cost, maintenance needs, load capacity, and more. A driver’s safety and comfort are also influenced by the suspension system, particularly where rough terrain driving is required. Depending on the model or brand, suspension systems vary in areas of reliability and function.

To avoid breakdowns whenever possible, owners of transport vehicles should consider the installation of low bed trailer suspension systems with standards that are high-quality and known as being made by reputable manufacturers.

Common Low Bed Trailer Suspension System Types

Every suspension system has shortcomings and benefits unique to the system itself. Semi-trailer suspension systems that are most common include the following:

  • Bogie suspension
  • Rigid suspension
  • Air suspension
  • Mechanical suspension

Also differing between suspension systems are their designs and components. When installing a particular suspension system, the end use of the trailer should be considered by manufacturers. As an example, large load capacity suspension systems are used in semi-trailers with heavy duty usage assigned to them. Depending on the intended use, to fit owner specifications, a suspension system can be customized by a manufacturer.

Bogie Suspension

Though they have narrow applications, RGN trailer drivers may choose bogie suspensions. Including an on the road improved adhesion factor, various advantages are offered by these suspensions. The center of gravity and engine position can be lowered by the driver with these suspensions. As a result, by adjusting the ride height, the driver can increase truck or semi-trailer stability. High load capacity and bogey suspensions go together well for heavy-duty transporters.

Rigid Suspension

Among the simplest and oldest suspension systems, rigid axle suspensions offer not an independent axle suspension, but rather, a system in which the movement of other wheels determines the movement of one wheel. These suspension systems are still used for various reasons, even though independent axle suspension is used by most modern trailers and trucks. They’re cost-effective and a simple, but not particularly comfortable for drivers.

Air Suspension

Using a compressor, polyurethane bags and rubber are inflated for use in an air suspension system. In place of leaf spring suspensions, air suspension systems are considered the best substitute. With this suspension system, when driving a trailer or vehicle, a considerable amount of comfort is offered to the driver. It’s one of the biggest advantages of air suspension. With less harshness, noise, and pain for the driver – and far less impact – the vehicle easily glides over bumps.

Mechanical Suspension

Mechanical suspension, in all types of motions, keeps the semi-trailer’s axles horizontal through the use of reaction arms. Depending on the brand, arm arrangement can vary. Most models, even in times of extreme motion, keep the axles in the right position because they have stops in their axles. One of the biggest advantages here is that on all terrains, these suspension systems are highly stable. Even when the brakes are applied, in a heavy-duty vehicle using mechanical suspension, the load distribution remains constant.

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