Turn A Used Bulk Trailer Into A Storage Unit

Who doesn’t like saving money? Did you know that it was possible to buy a used semi-trailer? Whether you are a trucker that is looking to save a little bit of cash on your next trailer, or someone in the market for a semi-trailer to be used for one project or another, used could be the way to go. But there are many things to consider.

For our purposes today, let’s take a look at a buyer’s checklist when buying a used semi-trailer for conversion into a storage unit. If you’ve ever had to pay for one or more storage units, you’ll understand why this could be the answer to saving money while still having all the room you need (and more) to store unused belongings.

How Much Should You Pay?

This is hard to judge in that supply and demand for used to semi-trailers fluctuates. If you have time, watch for patterns and try to purchase your trailer when demand is low and supply is high. Buying from a reputable dealer that you trust will help dissuade any fears that you’re getting ripped off.

Make Sure the Door Is Secure

Not a particularly important part of the trailer, but certainly not something to be overlooked, is the door. It’s your only way in and out. It must be accessible and secure. The hook for the latch should be sturdy and tamperproof. Door hinges should be workable and not rusting through. The door should open easily and smoothly so that you can go in and out at will.

Check Above and Below

It’s important that the roof not leak so that your stored items don’t get damaged by water, snow, ice, etc. No daylight should be coming through. And, of course, the floor is going to be a problem if there are major dents and chips in the wood. This could weaken the integrity. Also watch for separated or bowing wood. A little floor damage is no big deal – but a lot is going to mean costly replacement.

Check for Mobility, Tires, and Brakes

One of the high points of turning a semi-trailer into a storage unit is that this storage unit can be moved when needed. Try that with your brick and mortar storage units that you rent by the month for outrageous fees. But in order for this to be an advantage, the trailer you purchased must be mobile. Make sure all moving parts underneath the trailer are in good, working condition. If you don’t want to spend money on new tires, make sure those will last a while, as well.

It makes sense to check brakes and tires because, among all the parts on a trailer, they’re the most used. Particularly if you plan on moving the trailer a lot, when you purchase it, tires and brakes should be at 50% or better.

If you are looking for a used semi-trailer or bulk trailer of some sort, contact Mickey Genuine Parts today. We have a selection of used trailers and van bodies – one of which is bound to fit your needs.

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