Trucks/Trailers And EPA Rules Changing

The implementation of a part of regulations set forth by the Obama administration was halted just recently in federal appeals court. It was supposed to set standards for truck’s trailers’ emission reduction.

Regarding the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s) rule, a brief order by the District Of Columbia Court Of Appeals states the following: pending court review, an industry group for trailers has fulfilled the strictest requirements regarding a stay.

What Seems to Be the Issue?

What’s all the fuss about? Basically, it’sa regulation from 2016 that increased greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks. The EPA used their authority, for the first time, regarding the regulation of trailer design. But, you may say, there are no engines in trailers. That’s true. However, the efficiency of a trailer-truck combination can be significantly impacted by the aerodynamics of their related trailers.

On January 1 of 2018, the newstandards were supposed to gointo effect. Among other pieces of administration, but applying specifically to the trailer part of that rule, a repeal was being considered by the Trump administration. According to Obama administration collected data, trucks would have become more efficient by 25%, and carbon dioxide emissions would be cut by 1.1 billion metric tons – if the entire regulation were to be enforced.

Hold On There!

In September, a request to hold the trailer portion of the regulation was detailed in a lawsuit by the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association. Their claim was that only new motor vehicles should be regulated by The Clean Air Act. And even then, they say it only applied to self-propelled vehicles. They argued that because trailers must be pulled by a heavy-duty truck in order to move, they have no direct means of propulsion (they lack engines), they emit nothing.

No Argument from the White House

At least when it came to the trailer portion of the request (for a hold), no objection was put forth to the courts by the Trump administration. There were, however, those that asked the courts to cease any intervention. These were mainly environmental groups and some democratic states.

What Does It All Mean?

This latest action, according to court rules, means that it is likely that the regulation will be struck down. Based on the merits, the court will need to consider it more thoroughly in the future.

As of right now, however, oral arguments in the lawsuit have not yet been scheduled by judges.

Trucking in America

Truckers are the backbone of America. Of all the jobs existing in the United States, around 6% are somehow related to the trucking industry. Of all United States cargo, 80% is carried by semi-trucks and trailers. There are over 1.3 million trucking companies generating an annual industry revenue well in excess of $726 billion. Will stricter standards have an effect on these numbers? Is it fair to submit the industry to these new regulations, or is it a requirement that they should willingly and readily adhere to? Opinions vary widely.

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