Top Benefits Of LED Lights For Trailers And Trucks

LED lights and technology is no longer the wave of the future. It is now! As the truck and trailer industry embraces technology, it discovers more and more ways to become a more cost-effective and reliable business.

What’s So Great About LED Lights?

There are a number of advantages to LED light use. When compared to the traditional incandescent lights, they require less amperage in order to operate. Heat is never an issue because a very narrow band wavelength is needed for LEDs to emit light. And during operation, LED lights feel cool to the touch. Because they can operate for more hours every day than your old-fashioned lightbulbs, LED lights stay brighter, longer. Their previously unheard of life span has everything to do with the semi-conductor diode in LED lights.

But the biggest advantage of all might be the safety factor – they are more easily seen by other drivers and viewable from greater distances and better in fog.

Is There A Disadvantage?

Few things in this world exist without at least one disadvantage. With LED lights, it is the manufacturing cost. That means that, as a consumer, you’re probably going to shell out more for your LED lights than you ever did for your old-school lighting equipment. The good news here is that, in the long run, they are a lighting solution that will prove to be far more cost-effective.

Those Incandescent Bulbs

Because they frequently burned out, truckers and other drivers learned to carry spare incandescent bulbs in their glove compartment, toolbox, etc. But just because you had a spare bulb didn’t mean that you could easily replace a burnt out one. All too often, those bulbs were rusted in and would break or simply be a major pain to remove. Because LED lights need to be replaced far less frequently, this isn’t something you’re going to have to worry about as much as you used to. So, that’s more good news.

Different Types of Trailers Experience Different Lighting Issues

As just mentioned, old incandescent lights tended to rust in place and could be hard to remove. This was a problem of untold magnitude in boat trailers because they are frequently exposed to salt water. Everything rusts. Boat trailers back into water that is often quite cold. When hot incandescent lights were exposed to that cold water, guess what happened. They shattered. But there’s no heat in an LED light.

Isn’t it about time you remove at least one cause of frustration from your life? By switching over to LED lights, you can accomplish that.

Why Buy Your LED Lights From Mickey?

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