How To Remove Rusty Trailer Parts

Anyone who is the proud owner of a trailer that has seen better years knows that changing out rusty trailer parts such as lug nuts, brake fasteners, or axle U-bolts can be a real pain in the – chassis. Worst case scenario are trailers that have been subjected to saltwater, such as boat trailers. The following are a few ideas brought forward by people that have had the experience and want to make your experience just a little bit easier.

You’ll Need Penetrating Fluid

According to 2017 reviews, the top penetrating fluids are as follows:

  • Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil
  • Kano Aerokroll Penetrating Oil
  • Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil
  • Supco MO44 Rust Buster Penetrating Oil
  • CRC Knock’er Loose Penetrating Solvent
  • B’laster 16-PB Penetrating Catalyst
  • Mouse Milk Oil
  • Organix Renewing Moroccan Argon Oil

Machinists Workshop, the magazine, says that commercially available solvents and penetrating oils are officially rated or compared by applying the product to similarly rusted parts and then applying a uniform torque to all of the wrenches removing all of the rusted parts. Those that supposedly work best are ordinarily listed first. Among those you just read, however, the list is based on reviews by customers and others who have actually used the products. Of the above listed products, all got at least four out of five stars, or as many as five out of five stars.

Handy Dandy Tools

There can be no doubt that you’re going to need any number of hand tools. What has worked best for many is the appropriate socket coupled with a breaker bar with a long handle. The long handle provides leverage. More leverage means better torque. And you’re going to need a whole lot of torque in order to break free that rusted hardware. If you don’t have a long handle, you’re going to have to make do with a ratchet that is short handled. You may be left with no choice but to snap off that bolt if it simply will not release. This provides a whole new set of circumstances, of course.

You Might Need More Power

Like Tim Tool Time Taylor said, “Argh, argh… More Power!” This may well be the case when it comes to removing badly rusted on trailer parts. One tool that many have seen success with is a “Sawzall” or reciprocating saw. These are on sale relatively cheap for just under $20, but you can pay upwards of $115 for one if you favor the high-end, heavy-duty models. They are available at many department stores and all hardware stores, for the most part.

A safer, and some say better, tool might be an air or electric grinder or cutting tool. Certain individuals tend to feel a bit intimidated by the Sawzall. But it remains an exceptional and versatile tool, nonetheless.

When It’s Time To Replace Those Rusty Parts

Once those hideously corroded parts have been exorcised from your trailer, it’s time to replace them with brighter and better parts. In order to stop premature corrosion in its tracks, it is recommended that you use stainless steel or galvanized hardware.

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