Starting A Moving Business? What You Will Need Besides A Trailer

The process of packing and moving is a massive undertaking. That’s why many individuals hire other people to do it for them. If you own a packing and moving company, you already know that one way to make the process easier, and assure that it runs smoothly, is to have the proper tools. To find out what the proper tools are, besides a trailer, to make that moving business of yours run like a clock, take a look at the list we have compiled, below.

Boxes and More Boxes

If you are the kind of moving company that offers to do the packing for the people moving, one of the most important things to have are boxes. Boxes of all sizes and strengths should be available as well as an abundance of packing supplies (Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape, etc.). Here are a few more tips about boxes, packing materials, and other necessary moving tools:

Custom Boxes

Boxes with dividers already inside perfect for glassware (like the kind you get from liquor stores). Never fill boxes over capacity. If it seems like they’ll be too heavy to move, consider under filling them and taking up the extra room with lightweight packing materials.

Tape, Tape, and More Tape

In addition to packing tape, consider strapping tape, duct tape, and labeling or masking tape. Box cutters and scissors are a good thing to have handy.

Labeling The Boxes

Make sure you have permanent markers like sharpies around for labeling. Some movers like to use a color coding system so that different colored markers or stickers designate the fact that certain boxes go in particular rooms. If you’re going to reuse your boxes, this is preferable to writing all over them. It also discourages thieves that might be attracted to a box that says “Aunt Mary’s Sterling Silver”.

When It’s Marked Fragile

In addition to bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, inexpensive cushioning for fragile items can include blankets, sheets, towels, and clothing belonging to the people you are moving (as long as they don’t mind). Cheaper yet is newspaper (watch out for the print coming off). Felt pads (moving blankets) and household blankets are a good thing to have for the larger items that need to be cushioned. To secure your load, remember to have bungee cords, tie downs, twine, or rope handy.

No mover should be without gloves and a dolly or hand truck. And if you’re going to go the extra mile, have cleaning supplies on hand in case you make a mess is brilliant. If you leave a mess behind, it is not likely that you will be asked to move these people again or recommended by them to friends and family.

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