Products And Animals That Require The Use Of Refrigerated Trucks

You see them every time you head down the highway – refrigerated trucks. What comes to mind when you view these transport vehicles? Perishable items such as frozen foods, meats, dairy products, etc., right? Ordinarily, when refrigerated trucks are purchased, that’s probably what was on the mind of the buyer. Every year reefer trucks increase in popularity. Why is that?

As it turns out, refrigerated trailers and trucks have many benefits associated with them, one of those being versatility. Their enclosed nature effectively protects both refrigerated and dry freight from weather conditions, damage, theft, and spoilage. Truth be told, however, refrigerated courier trucks actually transport other items than simply food and beverages.


Surprisingly enough, of the reefer-transported items discussed here, the most astonishing may be this one: animals. Temperature controlled transportation is required for some animals. The guidelines for live wild animal non-air transport include regulations for ventilation modifications and temperature, in an effort to conserve endangered species.

Temperature controlled environments are required for the following animals:

Penguins – Whenever, over long distances, penguins need to be transported to and from zoos, cooling methods are required out of concern for their health. It is recommended that climate-controlled vehicles are used when penguins are shipped from Antarctica climates. Additionally, unwarranted public excitement will not disturb the penguins, so there is a privacy factor included in this type of shipping environment.

Honeybees – When honeybees are carried for long periods of time in cargo, because they produce large amounts of heat, it is unable to escape (the heat). This can cause a stoppage in honey production and the excess heat threatens the bees’ health. There is also the potential for further damage if the excess heat is unable to escape the truck. Arranging for a refrigerated truck is a far simpler solution.

Perfume and Cosmetics

The accessibility of refrigerated courier trucks is something that the cosmetic industry heavily relies on. Exposure to heat can cause water, oil, and wax to separate, and the effectiveness of a product can be sabotaged in this manner. Similarly, to sunlight and heat, perfumes react. A spoiled scent can result from overexposure and oxidation. Due to a lack of preservatives, natural products contained within cosmetics can be even more reactive and sensitive to heat-caused bad bacteria.

Refrigeration assists with transport of the following products:

  • Bar soap
  • Antiperspirant/deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Face cleansers, body wash, shampoo
  • Makeup (pressed powders, foundation, mascara, eyeliner pencils, lipstick, etc.)
  • Perfume… and more


To maintain efficiency and safety, certain temperatures are also required for the transport of some pharmaceutical items. Particularly over long distances, when transporting pharmaceuticals and medicines, there is danger of spoilage. These items will no longer be safe to use if they spoil. When moving these types of products, refrigerated couriers are sought out by major Pharma distribution companies. Some products include the following:

  • Blood samples
  • MRI machines
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Vaccines/injectables
  • Tablets
  • Antibiotics
  • Ear and eyedrops… and more

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