Beverage Delivery Gets A Major Revamp

In the shipping industry, comfort and safety equate to efficiency where beverage delivery is concerned. If, throughout their deliveries, drivers are able to remain vigorous, they will be more productive. The occurrence of mishaps and traffic accidents is diminished, as well. Keeping driver’s needs in mind, truck manufacturers are designing upgrade features and new models.

Concentrating on ergonomic updates, trailers and truck bodies are being made more driver friendly. As an example, an internal grab bar – The Power Handgrip – was a smart innovation. It eliminates interference with drop shelves because it is closer to the outside of the body. Within excess of two feet of grip length, this was actually incorporated some time ago.

Trailer Platforms

To the bottom of trailer platforms, a step has also been built. Inside the door track – a recessed handgrip. To allow simpler trailer entry, a bottom rail is lowered by approximately 6 inches (compared to those of old). To protect against possible damage from forklifts, it is reinforced and has a slip resistant surface.


Rather than being bar-welded to a trailer’s outside, a new design of steps is an alternative to the former configuration. Today, steps swing into place for use after being pulled out.

Other Upgrades

Capable of functioning for 100,000 hours, new LED lights are some of the enhancements included in new updates. This will increase a trailer’s life significantly. Less susceptible to vibration and shock, the lights are sealed in epoxy. Additionally, a low amount of current is required for their operation.

An AGS transmission system is being used in the interest of longevity for some vehicles. An automated, two pedal clutch actuation system is featured. The life of the transmission and clutch should be significantly extended through the use of this AGS feature. Hiring drivers will also be easier with the elimination of manual shifting. Because of frequent starts and stops, particularly in the beverage delivery industry, automated transmissions are especially effective.

Floor height is being lowered to save an extra 10 feet a day for climbing drivers. Frequent in and out action by drivers called for some type of solution and this fits the bill nicely.

For more interior room, the hood of trucks has been shortened and the cab lengthened. Drivers can see in front of their truck better thanks to a lower hood slope. In tight delivery and loading dock areas, this helps reduce the chance of collisions.

Astonishingly, there are even more alterations taking place every day.

Keeping in Tune with the Times

Have you installed ergonomic features? If you have not installed ergonomic features in your trailers and trucks, there’s every chance that your workers are going to start complaining to the United States Department Of Labor’s Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA). For safety, if nothing else, they may mandate you install the equipment your drivers/deliverers are asking for. In this critical area, making sure the designs are as secure as they can be, government regulators will be paying special attention.

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