It’s ‘Party Time’ for Comer Distributing

Chip Comer calls the Mickey Party Time trailer the “Cadillac” of event trailers. He even attached the Cadillac emblem to his Party Time.

Comer Distributing, a beer wholesaler in Rock Hill, SC, likes to party. More aptly, the company likes to have its wide range of domestic, craft and imported brews from around the world served icy cold without disruption at major parties and events throughout its seven surrounding counties.

Keeping the beer cold and flowing freely can be a tough task when the crowds of thirsty patrons number in the thousands and the temperatures run high. But for Comer Distributing, that job recently became “much easier and much more pleasant,” says company President Chip Comer. That’s because earlier this year Comer purchased a new Mickey Party Time event trailer from High Point, NC-based Mickey Truck Bodies.

Almost immediately after making the purchase, Comer put the new Party Time trailer to the test. Its maiden voyage was the Ninth Annual World Beer Festival in Columbia, SC in February, held at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. With the craft beer scene in South Carolina in the midst of a major growth boom, the event’s sponsors had to change the 2017 venue to the Fairgrounds from its previous home at the much smaller Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. The Mickey Party Time trailer had no trouble keeping up with the crowds.

Crowd at Beer Festival in Columbia, SC.

“Probably 5,000 people came through the event that day,” says Chip. “The beer lines were long but they moved through quickly because the beer was pouring perfectly – all 16 taps – eight on each side, representing all four of our Charleston breweries. The people loved the lights and music coming from the trailer, and most of all they loved the ice cold beer. We even had some other distributors come by who were really wowed by the Party Time trailer. They wanted to know where it came from. It was kind of comical but I told them it’s definitely a ‘Cadillac.’ I even attached the Cadillac crest on the side of the unit.” (See photo)

While the Mickey Party Time event trailer “makes an impressive statement from the outside,” Chip says it’s the user-friendly and roomy design – “and of course the excellent Mickey craftsmanship” — that set it apart from competitive models. “You can completely stand up inside the Party Time trailer, whereas in other trailers you’re constantly leaning over while you’re working, and that’s really tough on the back when you’re moving kegs around. The work space inside the Party Time, the wide double doors in the back and the shelves up front to store tools and equipment all make our job much easier and much more pleasant. We set the temperature required by the brands and it holds steady; works perfectly. It’s reliable all the time.”

Comer has been running the Party Time trailer at events virtually non-stop for all of April and is already booked through May. “Wherever we show up, our brewery reps are impressed by the presence the trailer gives their brands at these events,” according to Chip. “They tell us: ‘when you do an event, you really do it right!’”

So does the Mickey Party Time event trailer.

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