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Dean Sink

By Dean Sink, Mickey President

3 x 40 = 120. That?s pretty simple math. But it?s a very significant number.

It?s the number of combined years that Reggie Horne, Debbie Deal and Rocky Barham have worked here at Mickey Truck Bodies ? all three celebrated their 40-year Mickey anniversaries over the past couple of months.

I don?t know this for a fact but I am willing to wager that on the day they joined Mickey, none of these three Mickey teammates thought they would spend four decades with the same company ? buying homes and raising families and dealing with life?s ups and downs all while coming to work every day for Mickey Truck Bodies in High Point, NC. Two things have to happen for a person to stay at one company for 40 years: #1. It must be a great company to work for; and #2. The person must be a great employee (or in the case of Mickey Truck Bodies, a great teammate).

Another one of our teammates will hit the 40-year Mickey mark later this year. (I?ll let you know who it is when the time comes.) And in addition to our three current 40-year veterans, 12 Mickey teammates have been with the company for at least 30 years.

Mickey has been a family-owned and ?operated business for 113 years. When you have as many loyal teammates as we have, it always feels like family.

Happy reading.

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