Our Roads, Our Safety!

If you are a trucker, you may possibly have heard that motto lately. Our Roads, Our Safety is on the lips of AAA members, the American Bus Association, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the American Trucking Association, and more. You may be saying, “That sounds great all right… but what is it?” Our Roads, Our Safety is a program whose aim is, simply put, to reduce highway fatalities.

The Focus Is On a Common Goal

In order to promote this message to target audiences, a coalition of highway users is focusing on producing collaborative, strong messages about highway safety. They will use some of the most innovative strategies available in their efforts. They all have a common goal – to lessen the frequency of crashes on the roads of the United States of America. This message applies specifically to large commercial vehicles being involved in crashes. A series of shareable images on social media, infographics, advertisements, and safety videos are being shared in order to spread reminders and safety tips nationwide.

Our Roads, Our Safety Video

The first video in the series is all about blind spots for commercial vehicles. When it comes to maneuvering around commercial vehicles, there are unsafe and safe ways to do it. In this video, examples of both are provided through a comprehensive animation. Explanations are kept simple and easy to understand. One example of what is highlighted by these animations is safe zones. It emphasizes the following: Whenever possible, commercial vehicles should only be passed on the driver’s side. This increases the chance of the heavy vehicle operator being able to see passing drivers.

Also being released is a social media campaign nationwide to generate positive highway safety awareness. The aim here is to spread a message of safety in key states among critical demographics to concentrate on visibility and do everything possible to lessen the incidence of highway crashes.

The Share the Road Program

This program has, for over three decades now, already been useful in educating the driving public about safety. It was originally sponsored by ATA which is now expanding their FMCSA partnership with other users of the highway as well. To promote highway safety, the Share the Road Program, by the ATA, meets with community and media networks, driver’s ed classes, and school groups as they tour the nation. They hope to reach larger audiences with this new, powerful message and campaign as a result of the partnerships which have been developed for just such a purpose.

Annually, a specially picked team of accident-free professional truck drivers will deliver life-saving messages (as a part of the Share the Road campaign) to millions of motorists. A vast variety of trucking and transport bigwigs are sponsoring the program.

At Mickey Parts, we believe in safety first. That’s why all of our products are checked and rechecked to make sure that they pass strict guidelines. Our inspection process is second to none. At Mickey, we know that your truck is only as safe as what goes into it. That is why we provide every one of our customers with unrivaled service, parts, vehicles, trailers, and more, each and every day.

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