Why And When Do You Need Refrigerated Beverage Units?

There are some incredible benefits to owning and operating refrigerated beverage units and refrigerated units in general. From extending a product’s shelf life to great cost savings, they can help assure the quality of anything from vaccines and chemicals to beverages and food. There are any number of uses for today’s refrigerated beverage and cold storage units, and they are increasing every day. If you’re just breaking into the business and are looking to save money, consider buying one of these units used.

Let’s take a look at cold refrigerated units in general as well as the benefits of refrigerated beverage units because they overlap. One never does know, you may start out on a small scale and decide to convert to a larger scale; or if you have started out transporting one product, you may decide to cross over to another payload that still requires a refrigerated unit.


Seafood Distributors

It is so very important for products like frozen or fresh seafood to be stored and transported at the required temperature. Particularly seafood must be kept in environments that are temperature controlled and clean. Refrigerated units are easily accessible, and they sustain this valuable product at a temperature that can be set and kept constant.

Wine and Beer Businesses

Whatever temperature works best for the beer or wine that you are transporting, you can choose it precisely. The life of beer and wine can be maximized when carried in a controllable refrigerated beverage unit or trailer. Wine bottles should not be subjected to strong ultraviolet rays and beer is highly susceptible to heat. As you can see, both wine and beer will benefit from being transported and stored in a dark, cold place to either age or simply await selling.

Chemical Transporters

For many chemical products, temperature controlled storage is crucial. Storing chemicals at the recommended temperature helps to ensure safety levels and quality. If a product that you are transporting needs cold storage, refrigerated trailers and containers are the only way to go.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Vaccines should be stored in a controlled environment with strict temperature regulation to assure that they remain effective and safe. Everything from drugs to diagnostic kits and plasma frequently requires storage conditions that are kept cold so that the integrity of the product is maintained. Any number of these products needs to be kept in an atmosphere that prevents outside temperature exposure above or below its recommend tolerance. The perfect solution is a refrigerated trailer or unit.

Food Distributors

How long food as cargo needs to or can be preserved has a direct impact on how challenging the storage of perishable cargo truly is. Ready-made meals, meats, fish, vegetables, dairy, and fruit are highly perishable products. They will quickly degrade if they are not kept under the proper conditions for preservation. Refrigerated trailers and units are a highly successful method of keeping those products in perfect condition until they arrive at their destination.

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