Most Popular Trailer Accessories

Enclosed bulk trailers, refrigerated beverage bodies, party trailers, utility trailers, open flatbed trailers – the list goes on and on. There are more trailers than one can possibly imagine in all shapes, sizes, colors, weight classifications, etc. They do, of course, have many things in common. We tow them behind our vehicles, they haul our loads, they all need preventative maintenance to work well for longer, and there’s a slew of trailer accessories that can be purchased for them. Chances are, your trailer has been pretty good to you. How about treating that trailer to some awesome extras?

Not sure what kind of accessories there are for trailers? Good news. Here are some of the most popular trailer accessories out there.

Safety First

Before buying any accessory, your number one consideration should be safety. What does your trailer need in order to be safe? A new, fancy paint job might seem like a great idea right now, but it doesn’t help your trailer operate more efficiently or safely. So, let’s start off with safety improvements to your trailer through accessories.

  • Wheel chocks: If you will be transporting vehicles (i.e., tractors, motorcycles, etc.) you will need to secure them in place. That is done with blocks, or wheel chocks, that are wedge-shaped and fit under the wheels. For hauling other cargo, many wheel chocks can be removed.
  • Straps or tiedowns: You don’t need your cargo flying around the trailer, so secure it with straps or tiedowns (i.e., bungee cords, chains, nylon straps, etc.). You may need to buy anchors (or hooks) to secure the straps.
  • Tire pressure monitors: You don’t want to know that your tire is deflating after it’s too late. These monitors let you know, all the way in the tow-vehicle’s cabin, what’s going on with your trailer tires. There are also monitors for batteries, tire temperature, brake light failure, etc.
  • Lights (inside the trailer and outside the trailer): outside lights make it easier for people to see you and know what you’re doing. Outside lights can include utility lights, backup lights, taillights, etc. (don’t forget your reflectors). Inside lights are going to help you move around in your trailer without tripping, bumping yourself on the corner of a shelf, banging your head on something, etc. Both you and your cargo can be safer this way.

Accessories That Make Your Trailer More Utilitarian

With these accessories, you can make your safer trailer more useful.

  • Spare tire covers: While sometimes decorative, spare tire covers serve a greater purpose. So that your tire is always at the ready, they protect it from harm and outside elements.
  • Trailer jacks: Trailers are heavy, and they need heavy-duty jacks. These jacks can be further accessorized with feet, replacement handles, etc.
  • Toolboxes: Trailers need tools. For easy transport, some of these can be secured in the trailer and come in various styles, sizes, and varieties.
  • Organizers for cargo trailers: With these, when you need an item, and you need it now, you can find it now. Some organizers include the following: tool racks, racks for coolers and equipment, racks for gas cans. You can also install regular shelf kits for easy self-organization.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we have all the accessories that you or your trailer could possibly desire. We can install them for you at one of our certified service centers if you’re not sure how to install them yourself. Contact us at Mickey Genuine Parts today to find out more.

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