Keeping Beverage Trailer Theft At Bay

Mickey Genuine Parts has heard some of the saddest stories around regarding beverage trailer theft. It’s not enough that the trailer itself gets stolen – oh no – frequently it is loaded with cargo. Sometimes just the cargo turns up missing. How on earth does this happen? Part of the problem might be carelessness; but more likely the problem lies in the security equipment.

For those who are unaware, there are any number of products on the market that can help protect the sanctity of your beverage trailer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cylinder Lock With Key

Mickey has a number of styles of cylinder locks with key. You always want to lock your beverage trailer, no matter if it’s empty. Even under the best circumstances, however, locks frequently need replacing. They get damaged or rusted… etc. When they need to be replaced, it needs to be done quickly. Orders that are placed before 2 PM can be received the very next day when you order from Mickey. This applies to in stock items. We currently have a number of lock cylinder with key sets available. We also have, in stock, a Hackney Style Center Locking Mechanism to help secure your beverage trailer.

Key Lock Handles

Mickey carries key lock handles for the passenger side and driver side. We also carry Hackney Style Key Locks in a number of different models. Any number of disasters can break off the handle on your beverage trailer. Hopefully it wasn’t a thief trying to get in. Trust Mickey dependable parts to give you the best possible security available when it comes to locking handles.

Beverage Trailer E-Locks

Mickey carries a Mickey E-Lock Controller and an actuator that are available for immediate replacement of your former beverage trailer security parts. Don’t settle for a cheap knock-off. When the security of your beverage trailer is in question, you can’t skimp on any locking mechanism. At Mickey, we stand behind all of our parts – locking or otherwise. Don’t waste valuable time waiting for other companies to send you your parts. We will expedite your order in the fastest possible manner.

Need More Security?

Mickey carries a steel depository safe that is designed specifically to protect you against internal theft or robbery. It allows for secure storage and quick deposits without access inside the safe. Lock up your valuables, cash deposits, checks, etc. with the knowledge that they are safe and secure. This safe weighs a considerable 114 pounds – so it isn’t going anywhere. The interior measures 1.4 cubic feet.

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At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry a full line of beverage trailer parts and accessories. We stand behind everything we sell. Many of our customers do their own work but if you prefer, bring your beverage trailer to one of our Mickey owned and approved service centers. You will receive the finest service available. Check out our line of beverage trailer parts today or give us a call and speak to a customer service representative.

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