Why Buying Used Truck Parts Is A Good Idea

Some people absolutely love to work on their vehicles by themselves. And if you’re handy, and you have considerable knowledge when it comes to truck repairs, that’s a great idea. There are, unfortunately, those who can’t tell a spark plug from a dipstick. For those people, service centers are a godsend.

If you do work on your vehicle all on your own, you have to get the parts somewhere. Mickey Parts is one of the most dependable OEM parts suppliers in the industry. What’s more, we handle both used and new parts for your truck and trailer. Why would you want to buy used parts for your truck? To many, that may seem like a ridiculous question. But it does have a valid basis. Is buying used parts a lot like buying a used car? Will you simply be buying someone else’s trouble? And is that always the case?

Fortunately, Mickey stands behind their used parts and vehicles just like they do their new parts and vehicles. Our reputation is irrefutable, and we give the Mickey guarantee on everything we sell. So, let’s take a look at why anyone would want to buy used parts for their truck.

A Good Return on Your Investment

A practical or positive ROI is the bottom line for many truck owners. When your dependable old machine is ready for retirement, and you purchased used parts, you’ll get your investment back and then some. If you bought all new parts for your old vehicle, however, you’ll be lucky to get your money back at all. Now you’ve got new parts sitting in an old vehicle that doesn’t work anymore.

Being Good to the Environment

Buying used parts is a way of recycling. And the more new parts that are produced, the more nasty emissions go pouring into the environment. If everyone could cut back on the amount of new product purchasing and usage for which they are responsible, imagine how we could reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving behind. What’s more, landfills will be full of fewer and fewer used parts, the more we put them to good use in our vehicles.

Limit the Depreciation of Your Parts

Regardless of what condition it is in, after the first year of use, the value of brand new equipment depreciates significantly. If you can buy used equipment that is in premium condition, however, it can look new (or very nearly so), but it won’t cost anywhere near as much as a brand new, shiny part would cost. Make sure, however, that you are not substituting parts. At Mickey, we carry all sorts of brands. Even if it is a custom part, there’s no excuse to substitute when you can find the precise piece that you need through Mickey.

Not All New Parts Are Compatible with Old Trucks

If you are refurbishing an old truck and want to stay true to the make, model, year, etc., you can’t start slapping brand new parts here and there. Even if you aren’t concerned with keeping the value of an antique truck intact, many of today’s new parts simply are not compatible with old trucks. These parts are top-of-the-line, cutting-edge, and high-tech. Older parts belong in older trucks. And if you go through a reputable used parts dealer, not only are you more likely to find the part you’re looking for but you will rest assured that it is dependable and has been inspected thoroughly.

Feel free to peruse the large selection of new and used parts and trailers available through Mickey. If you have any questions, our customer service staff will be happy to help you with your concerns or inquiries. Call us today to find out how we can help you with used, new, or custom parts for your truck, van, or trailer.

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