Ideas For Trailer Re-Decorating

Are you a celebrated do-it-yourselfer? Are you one of those individuals that can take an old, used bulk trailer and turn it into a camper via trailer re-decorating? Perhaps you’ve already done so. If you went so far as to repurpose a tired old trailer into a beautiful new camper, you’ll want to see the information below.

Here we have compiled a number of things that you can do with that home-made camping trailer to make it new and improved. Call them decorating tips, if you must. We prefer to refer to them as tips for enhancement and enrichment.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place – Like Souvenirs In Particular

You know that you’re going to collect souvenirs from wherever you go. If you concentrate on making most of them stickers and magnets, you can place them all on a metal-based cabinet or framed metal board to show everybody where you’ve been.

Floor Mats

Since you’re already an avid do-it-yourselfer, consider these do-it-yourself floor mats. Take vinyl floor remnants or a textured entryway rubber mat from the hardware store. Cut it to size/desired shape. Find a really cool, themed fabric. Brush the whole piece of fabric with water-based polyurethane (several coats). Using spray adhesive, wrap your chosen fabric around the mat and securely seal/attach it underneath (duct tape works).

Battery-Operated Candles

You can find candles of most any size (and height), even tea candles, that are battery operated these days. That way there is no danger of starting a fire.

Curtains (No Sewing Necessary)

If you hem the edges of the curtain with seaming tape, there is no sewing necessary. Some do-it-yourselfers use themed or patterned sheets while others go for the raw fabric of their choice.

Photo Displays That Are Lightweight and Easy

Take a branch that you got from your last walk in the woods. Screw eyes along the bottom side from which to hang pictures with clothes pins and strings. Screw in one eye at each end on the top and attach a string for hanging.

Decorating with a Theme

Pick a theme – nautical, vintage, Western, you name it. Your personal style will be evident, and you’ll have fun decorating.

Wallpaper Made from Maps

This is possibly one of the most favorite tips included in this piece. Campers are for traveling. Nothing says traveling quite like maps. You remember maps. Long before GPS and Google Maps, there were these foldout paper things that looked a lot like what you see now on Google, but you held it in your hand and read off of it. Now, since they seem to be defunct anyways, use them for wallpaper.

Patterns and Bright Colors

Patterns and colors are one sure way to brighten up a space. As you already have maps on the walls, get your colors from drapes and pillows and your patterns with rugs and blankets.

Don’t Ignore the Outside of Your Camper

Simple touchups for your outdoor decor can consist of colorful side tables, chairs, rugs, picnic supplies, lanterns, table cloths, etc. Bring along a plant or two just for fun.

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