How Should Potential Wholesale Beer Distributors Start Planning?

Have you always dreamt about being in business for yourself? Maybe the transportation/shipping industry seems appealing to you. All over the world, each and every day, more and more products are being ordered online and need to be delivered, after all. The movement of one of the most popular products in the world is no exception – beer. Starting a business as a beer distributor could indeed be a lucrative undertaking. Throughout the United States, mainstream wholesale beer distributors are consolidating.

There are far fewer today than there were 10 years ago. But your dream does not have to be torpedoed by formidable competition. Make sure you talk to retailers and execute copious amounts of competitor research. To make sure that you’re included in the next beer distributorship headcount, you’ll need to be able to provide retailers with something they’re not getting from their current relationship with the distributor.

Let’s take a look at the steps included in planning a potential wholesale beer distributorship.

You’ll Need a License

To distribute liquor, you will first have to apply for a license. To obtain application forms for a standard wine and beer resale license, the website for your Secretary of State should have what you need. You might be able to apply online. To find out about licensing idiosyncrasies, visit

Talk to Big-Name Beer Manufacturers

Located throughout the United States are representatives for the big brand beers. That means you shouldn’t have to go to a particular city or state just to do your negotiations. Unique contracts and sales agreements are used by beer manufacturers. There are things like exclusive territory and protected areas that may exclude you from brand distribution, and more.

You’re Going to Need Storage Space

A warehouse is going to prove invaluable. If you can find one that’s already retrofitted with beverage contoured racking systems and industrial refrigeration cases, all the better. Widely available, you can find gently used equipment should you not find a storage facility that already has what you need. For efficient beverage shipping/handling, you’ll also want to pay adequate attention to a well-designed dock. Make sure that your warehouse is insured against liability, flooding, fire, and theft.

Strategic Marketing for Wholesale Beer Distributors

While you were doing your research, you undoubtedly uncovered materials and information that will help you work up marketing strategies. You may be surprised at how generous beer industry manufacturers are with their advertising, point-of-sale displays, signage, etc. Few other industries compare when it comes to off-the-wall promotions offered by alcoholic beverage retailers.

Look into What’s Trending

As with most things, people follow trends when it comes to beer. Don’t become so busy opening new markets and filling orders that you fail to notice trends that might be emerging. So that you know what’s coming down the pipeline, subscribe to beer industry trade magazines. Be sure to attend industry meetings. They will give you the opportunity for relationship expansions because major beer representatives and brewers attend these events as well. A leader in conference planning, The Brewers Association of America knows how to throw a party. Anybody who is anybody will be there.

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