Are You Considering Getting Mobile Medical Testing Trailers?

We are living in unprecedented times. With the cancellation of public events and the spread of COVID-19, the need is increasing for mobile command trailers, triage centers, drive-through testing facilities, mobile medical testing trailers, and mobile labs. Who purchases mobile trailers such as those used in any one of these situations? Now more than ever, private companies, public health organizations, and hospitals are purchasing (and have purchased in the past) these units. As you can well imagine, more units are being purchased today than were years ago because the need has increased tenfold.

Protecting The Population

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but the need has increased exponentially for health facilities in general and hospitals to protect the general public from danger. This includes everything from a health hazard to chemical exposure.

Best case scenario, patients should be assessed and tested by detached triage facilities before even entering a hospital. They can quickly and efficiently direct infected individuals, that way, to hospital containment areas. Particularly in the case of the Coronavirus, that will help lessen the risk of spreading it and better ensure containment.

The problem lies in that, for this type of system, most hospitals are NOT currently set up. To be sure, there is simply no time to construct, from scratch, brand-new command trailers or new mobile medical testing trailers (or brick and mortar building). That’s why existing pre-equipped trailers are being upfitted with all the right additional equipment, accessories, etc. to fit the demand.

Getting Mobile Medical Testing Trailers Where They Are Needed

Thanks to the expedited and efficient upfitting of existing mobile units, local health facilities, hospitals, and other health organizations can more quickly meet the growing need by deploying more mobile triage labs. Pertaining to the spread of the virus, this will hopefully help with control and containment.

As an example, an existing 17-foot office trailer could easily be converted into a mobile doctor’s office with the following:

  • Air conditioning and heating (probably already included)
  • Doored entry for patients (probably already included)
  • Chair and desk for the nurse, etc.

Another option would be a pre-equipped, pre-existing 18-foot “Toy Hauler” trailer that already has a kitchenette, bathroom, air conditioning, heat, etc. The importance of either of these being easy to clean can’t be stressed enough!

Airflow Considerations

In the past, before the Coronavirus, airflow may or may not have been a problem for mobile medical units. Now, however, one of the things that needs to be taken into consideration is the airflow/exhaust system. Extended out a window or the side wall, it may be necessary to employ an airflow system with a HEPA filter and exhaust fan. Outside air should be brought in while inside air is vented out.

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