How Mickey Can Help Spruce Up Your Cargo Van

Pickup trucks used to be a pretty hot commodity. And in many circles, they still are. But outpacing the pickup as the go-to business vehicle is the cargo van – and has been for several years now. These vehicles are extremely customizable on the inside. They offer better fuel economy and more power with both gas and diesel engines. They come in numerous sizes. And, for the informed, astute shopper, superior warranties and great deals can be found.

There are various makes and models of cargo vans, of course, all varying slightly. Regardless of the make and model, however, you may choose to add some of your own bells and whistles. Mickey Genuine Parts has just what you need.

Our Lift Gates

When it comes to van bodies, these are one of the most critical parts. On a regular basis, they are used to ferry goods. It can be a real emergency when one of these gets damaged. Purchasing and using Mickey quality parts means that your liftgate will not wear down as quickly – thereby lasting longer.


If your van gets a tough workout and is used on a regular basis, damaged handles are probably no stranger to you. Mickey Genuine Parts last longer and that means less frequent replacement and more dependable handles. You don’t need to reach for a handle only to have it fail on you. Trust Mickey.

Cargo Control

Shoring bars, straps, and tracks are just some of the parts available for cargo control. When it comes to ease-of-use and durability, Mickey products will surpass your expectations. What’s more, our parts and accessories are reasonably priced and affordable. We believe in competitive prices and high-quality products – offering both at the same time. You will be able to use the space available in your van to its utmost capacity with our cargo control accessories.


Currently, Mickey carries both swing and rollup doors. With all of the opening and closing that these doors do on a regular basis, you know how fast they wear out! Count on Mickey for your replacement parts.


When it comes to roof parts, corner caps, hoods, bottom and top rails, and corner posts, Mickey’s got you covered.


Light up your life with our wide assortment of amber lights, red lights, full lighting kits, and more.

Safety Components

Mickey Genuine Parts believes in safety first. That’s why we offer safety components such as camera kits/backup cameras, first-aid kits, e-lock controllers, lighted grab handles, padlocks, safety cones and cone holders, defense systems, safes, fire extinguishers, and much more.

Mickey Carries More – Much More!

We also have various clearance items for sale whose availability can change on a frequent basis. Check out our current clearance items by clicking here.

And to explore the various options of accessories for your cargo van, see what Mickey Genuine Parts has to offer by clicking here.

How Will You Make Money with Your Cargo Van?

Now that you have all of the accessories you need, what will you use your cargo van for? Yes, it’s perfect for everyday utility needs. But you could be making money with your cargo van. Consider the following:

  • Start and maintain your own moving company.
  • Get a couple to a few used cargo vans and rent/lease them out.
  • Dress your carveout up like an ambulance and offered a plumbing/computer/electric/etc. emergency service.
  • Start a junk removal service. (You may run across some real treasures!)

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry new and used cargo vans, trailers, and more. Check out our inventory because the availability of used merchandise changes on a frequent basis. When it comes to parts and accessories, you will be hard-pressed to do better than the parts and service available through Mickey. Contact us today to see if we have the vehicle, parts, and accessories that you need. If it’s in stock, and we receive your order by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, we can ship it to you the next day. If it’s not in stock, we can usually expedite your part within three days. We also have certified service centers located throughout the United States, for your convenience.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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