High Tech Trucking Advancements Increase Safety

Here’s a phrase you may not have heard before: ”In the interest of improving safety for all drivers, all large trucks, both existing and new, should employ cost-effective technologies”. It’s the latest weigh-in by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Many fleet operations, particularly brand name operations, have already embraced numerous technologies responsible for improving the safety of truckers and other drivers. With technology being what it is today, there are, indeed, many safety features that simply were not in existence years ago. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety backs these safety technologies 100%. Why would they back technologies that will cost truckers and trucking operations more money? Because they save lives.

Costs and Safety Benefits of Technology

Here, we will isolate four, specific, advanced safety technologies, for both new and existing large trucks. These can and should be installed, regardless of cost:

  • Onboard safety monitoring systems which are video-based – It is thought that the installation of these systems will, every year, prevent 293 deaths, 17,733 injuries, and more than 63,000 crashes.
  • Air disc brakes– This simple addition to your truck will help prevent 37 deaths, 1477 injuries, and 2411 crashes annually.
  • Automatic emergency braking– This safety system will prevent 55 deaths, 2753 injuries, and 5294 crashes every year.
  • Lane departure warning systems – It has been determined that these systems can help prevent 115 deaths, 1342 injuries, and 6372 crashes every year.

It should go without saying that the benefit of saving human lives far outweighs the cost of installing these types of warning systems.

Non-Trucking Vehicles and Their Drivers

A recent survey discovered that out of every ten drivers, six of them feels less than safe when traveling next to or past bigger commercial trucks than they do when traveling alongside smaller vans or cars. Why do you suppose this is? Three basic reasons stood out:

  • 14% felt that large vehicles tend to swerve or drift from their lanes
  • 18% cited the fact that trucks have less visibility and greater blind spots
  • 28% were simply made uneasy by the imposing length and size of large trucks

About ¼ of all of those surveyed agreed that if large trucks added more high-tech safety features, they would be more at ease sharing the highways with them.

Installing High-Tech Safety Features – a Win-Win Situation

Even with the added cost of installing today’s technological safety features, drivers and the industry, in general, are considering it a win-win situation. Not only will these features prevent crashes, but they will help to alleviate the concerns of all drivers. AAA Safety Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research director, Jake Nelson, understands why a lot of motorists feel vulnerable or fearful when they’re driving around large trucks. He wants all drivers to feel not only safe but comfortable behind the wheel.

AAA greatly appreciates those who have already begun installing technological safety features on their trucks. And they urge everyone to seriously think about making the investment in cost-effective high-tech safety features because they save lives.

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