Five Signs Of A Bad Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission

Compared to other types of vehicles, fleet trucks are more susceptible to major wear and tear over the years. Because they are often loaded with heavy cargo and operated on a daily basis, you may find that you experience some issues despite keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections.

During the lifespan of your truck, the transmission system is the one that takes the bulk of the wear and tear. You may experience minor issues which can quickly turn into more severe problems if not addressed timely. In this article, we share with you some signs of a bad heavy-duty truck transmission that can point towards a more serious problem!

Unusual Sounds

Are you hearing any unusual sounds when changing gears? Whether these noises sound more like grinding, gurgling or growling, they should alert you to an issue that needs to be fixed. Some of the problems this can point towards include cracks in the gears and low transmission fluid. When you have low levels of transmission fluid, the most likely reason is that a leak has occurred somewhere.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid plays an important part in keeping the different components of your transmission system running. That’s why even a small leak can cause a problem to the overall functioning of your truck. It is easy to recognize transmission fluid as it has a bright red appearance.

If you notice leaking transmission fluid that is a dark color or that comes with a burnt smell, this is your sign that you should replace your transmission fluid with a fresh batch.

Slipping Gears

You should always take slipping gears seriously as they can present major safety hazards for you and anyone nearby. When this problem occurs, drivers usually respond by accelerating quickly or slamming on the brakes, both of which can be highly dangerous. For this reason, you should always bring your truck to a qualified professional for inspection and servicing at on the first sign of trouble.

Slow or Weak Acceleration

Your truck should be able to accelerate smoothly when everything is in working order. When it is slow to accelerate, the most likely problem is that a clog has occurred in the the air filter or exhaust. Another possible cause is that of poor compression. When that occurs, you may need to get some replacement parts for your transmission system.

Flashing Engine Light

When you see your engine light flashing, it does not automatically mean that there’s something wrong with your transmission system. The problem could very well lie with another system in your vehicle. However, that does mean that you should check out all the possibilities. If you are unsure exactly where the problem is coming from, you may wish to check back with your truck manual about what each type of warning light or symbol indicates. Otherwise, you can make use of a diagnostic tool to find out in which specific part of your vehicle the problem lies.

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