8 Essential Trucker Tools You Should Own

Every trucker needs a good set of tools in case of vehicle breakdowns. In addition to doing regular vehicle maintenance, having the appropriate tools on hand will help you save a tremendous amount of time, dollars, and frustration if your truck ever broke down. Performing simple repairs can mean the difference between getting back on track right away versus having to call a tow truck or mobile mechanic, or being stuck at an auto shop waiting for repairs. So here are eight essential trucker tools you should keep handy in your gearbox every day!

Vice Grips

Vice grips with straight and curved jaws are an excellent tool to have on the go. Although they come in a range of sizes, the 12 and 7-inch variants are the most widely used for manifold purposes. Most commonly, vice grips can be used to pull your trailer’s releasing hook.

Combination Wrench

A combination wrench with open and boxed ends is the most popular. Various types of wrench sets are ideal for specific tasks, like standard size wrenches for general use, stubby wrenches for tight spaces, and longer extensions for increased reach and strength. Combination wrenches in the sizes 5/8, 9/16, 1/2, and 7/16 inches are best for tightening bolts that periodically come free.

Crescent Wrench

You should have a variety of top-quality steel crescent wrenches in both conventional and metric sizes, with open and boxed ends. You’ll need crescent wrenches in three standard sizes of 10, 8, and 6 inches to perform the most typical tasks. This will fit the majority of regular equipment and give you access to cramped areas and tight corners.

Dog Bone Wrench

The best tool to have for big or heavy-duty bolts is this multi-purpose wrench. On both ends, there are eight holes in conventional and metric socket sizes. Both ends of the wrench can be rotated to find the right socket size to use on a particular bolt. If storage space in your truck is a concern, the good news is this wrench can effectively substitute the majority of your combination and crescent wrenches!

Ratchet Screwdriver Sets

With hex, star, and Phillips bit attachments in slotted, small, and large sizes, ratcheting screwdriver sets are great for a broad range of purposes like headlight corrections and other tasks.

4-in-1 Trip Inspection Instrument

This awesome gadget enables you to instantly check the condition of your windscreen cracks, pushrod travel, tire tread depth, and brake drum thickness. It’s incredibly easy to use and convenient to store in your toolkit!

Tire Pressure Gauge    

It’s crucial to maintain a tire’s pressure at the prescribed ideal level since tires are designed to carry precise loads at a given pressure. With the air pressure gauge on hand, you’ll be able to check the air pressure in a particular tire whenever you feel like one is running a little low.

Wire Cutters and Electrical Tape

Wire cutters are useful for cutting Various types of wires and air hoses running beneath tricky-to-find areas under the trailer chassis. With electrical tape, you can temporarily plug any air leaks till you reach an auto shop and have the damaged air hose replaced.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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