What Should Every Concession Trailer Have?

Who doesn’t love party? And with today’s party trailers, it’s pretty much “have party will travel”. But that party is only going to be as good as the party trailer from which it comes. Whether you are a small business person looking to supplement your income or create a new income with your party trailer, or simply consider it a great investment for fun and living large, there are certain aspects of a concession trailer or party trailer that cannot be sacrificed. Not, that is, if you want the best party in town.

Let’s take a look at a handful of features that every party trailer or concession trailer should have.

An Attractive (Affordable) Price

Everyone would love to have a nice, shiny, new, sleek looking party trailer with which start a business. That may, however, not be the most frugal choice – at least not in the beginning. But cutting corners by buying used doesn’t have to mean purchasing an old beater of a trailer. Try to stick with a dealer that offers either an extended factory warranty or a certified vehicle. Closely inspect the trailer yourself or have a knowledgeable person assist you.

Easy to Clean

Your trailer will look better for your customers the easier it is to clean. Here are some features that make a trailer more easily refreshable: nonporous, smooth surfaces and walls; stainless steel prep and serving counters; windows and cabinet doors that are trackless (hinged are preferable).

Exterior Requirements

A trailer that has customization options on the outside is a plus. Decorations, graphics, and colorful paint can be used to not only advertise your business, but set you apart from all the other party trucks.

Counter height is another concern. Additionally, a sizeable serving areas is desirable. The serving counter should be reachable so as not to spill food or drinks, add large enough to accommodate more than one customer or person.

Good Construction

Check for good construction. An uncluttered, clean appearance that is free of screws and rivets (providing a smooth body) is not only more attractive but easier to clean. A body that is free of wood, but rather constructed from aluminum, uses less fuel when towing because it is lighter. It also will assist in maintaining a trailer that will remain rust free and resists corrosion.

Inside Requirements

In order to make as much money as possible you want a trailer that has all of the interior necessities. It will be easier to clean and work in if it has all of the interior requirements. Here are some must-haves:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Sinks
  • Ample food storage
  • Proper equipment for food and drink preparation
  • The Equipment You Need
  • Marriage I a safe and efficient environment, some basic equipment is needed.
  • Water tanks are a plus
  • Sanitation equipment
  • Plumbing and electrical equipment

When you buy a used party trailer from Mickey Genuine Parts, a number of the above stated features are guaranteed. Everything we sell is backed by our stellar reputation, experienced staff, and knowledgeable customer service department. And when you need work done on your party trailer, there’s no one better to supply you with expert workmanship than one of Mickey’s certified service centers. Contact us today to see how Mickey can help you with your party trailer needs.

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