Should You Build Or Buy Your Concession Trailer

Owning and operating a concession trailer or a party trailer isn’t for everyone. But it can be fun, rewarding, and be either an extra income maker or your full-time job. The choice is yours. If you’re going to own and operate a party trailer, you have another choice to make, as well. Will you build the exact party trailer that you need, or will you purchase one ready-made? Let’s briefly look at both options to see what the best fit for you might be.

Find Yourself a Suitable Trailer

Be sure to purchase a sizable enough trailer to accommodate your needs. Some people like to go with something as big as a 30’ x 8.5’ trailer. If it has a 50-amp electric service already installed, even better. Walls and a ceiling that are already finished means you don’t have to do the work. Sometimes you can find this kind of trailer on sell-it-yourself websites. You may, however, prefer to go with a dependable, reputable dealer from which to buy a new or used trailer.

Finish the floor with plywood and a durable laminate over-the-top (or textured aluminum/stainless steel sheeting). Be sure to build a floor drain for easy cleanup. The fewer seams, the better.

Furnishing Your Trailer

The search for the trailer is over – now the real search begins. If you can find a demolition site for a restaurant, you might be able to pick up some stainless-steel sinks, countertops, soda machines, storage area cabinets, etc. for your trailer. Make your plan after you buy the shelves, sinks, and counters to accommodate their size, or cut them down to the size you need in order to stick with the plan you’ve already made. In all likelihood, on one side of the trailer will have countertops and prep areas while on the other side the sinks, soda machine, etc.

Completing Your Trailer

The soda machine will go on the side where the sinks are so that your water filtration system and pumps can work with both. A one-compartment sink with drain boards and a hand sink are usually required for this type of setting. Install shelves above this set up for dishes, cups, and utensil storage.

Find an aluminum platform and mount it to the back of the truck. This will hold your four 40-gallon LP tanks and a 7.5 kW generator. Inside you’ll need one or more refrigeration units and possibly a freezer unit. A microwave will be one source of heat, but a small propane stove can supply most of the cooking needs.

Meeting Codes and Buying Premade

As you can see, there is a lot of planning that has to go into this. And the plan may have to change several times along the way.

Make sure that you check with all local ordinances so that your party trailer passes inspection. The last thing you need it Is to do something over because it didn’t meet with local codes. Of course, you don’t have to worry about local codes as much if you go with a ready-made party trailer.

If you want to skip all of the searching and building, avoid all of the downtime you will experience for minor setbacks, and just buy the party trailer or concession trailer that is closest to your needs; you need to look no further than Mickey Genuine Parts. We carry both used dry bulk trailers (for those ambitious enough to tackle building their own trailer) and used party trailers for those who simply want to get this show on the road. Buying used allows you to get what you need but still save money. Mickey also has parts and a number of reliable certified service centers throughout the United States. Call us today to inquire about our pre-made party trailers, refrigerated trailers, bulk trailers, and more.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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