Driving Your Business Forward With Trucks

Trucks are a necessary part of the business world. No matter what industry you’re involved with, at some point, it’s very likely that a truck or van was involved somewhere along the line. Most of the time, trucks are responsible for deliveries. If you are involved in the delivery industry, the type of truck you use is of the utmost importance.

The kind of cargo you carry has everything to do with the type of truck or van you use with which to carry it: i.e., landscape work equipment, construction supplies, consumer products, hardware, electronics, furniture, boxed goods, or perishable (frozen) items. The model, make, and type of truck ends up being an important factor as well as any specialized, specific van or truck features that will guarantee efficiency and performance.

So how does the type of truck you choose make a difference in your business?

Today, Fuel Economy Matters More Than Ever

Particularly in the delivery industry, operating expenses are hugely impacted by the rising cost of fuel. A “domino effect” is caused and increased by the high price of fuel. Price increases in additional truck products and parts (like replacement tires) are part of the domino effect.

Currently, some 40% of the market share is taken by gas powered trucks and their increased popularity. Attractive options being offered by manufacturers, which are responsible for reduced fuel spending, are becoming more frequent. Choosing a gasoline truck over diesel is a decision made by weighing certain factors. The kind of business you are involved in, maintenance costs, and miles that will be put on the truck are some things to consider. More torque and more horsepower are offered (as well as increased fuel efficiency) by today’s top-of-the-line gas powered trucks.

Safety Always Comes First

Modern commercial trucks have, integrated into them, collision avoidance sensors, stability control systems, and more. Advanced technologies have been used in the newest truck models to develop safety features of a more sophisticated nature: i.e., lane departure and speeding warning systems. Additionally, to assist in the reduction of vehicle collisions and accidents involving pedestrians, audible and visual alerts have been included. Additional common safety features today are active breaking and other active control systems.

Features of a Superior Nature

Some 70 hours a week can be spent on the road by the truck drivers of today. That makes aspects like comfort, roominess, and a quiet ride attractive (and even necessary) characteristics. A superior truck features multi-functional controls that are easily accessible and superb visibility. For driving all day and all night, better comfort is offered by modern ergonomic seating. Features like this should be at the front of your mind when choosing a commercial truck for your transport business. And an ideal work vehicle is engineered for quick and secure mounting.

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Let’s keep truckin'.

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