Are You Looking For Custom Canteen Cooler Accessories?

Custom Canteen cooler accessories come in many sizes, shapes, and types. At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry a handful of accessories in stock. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll be happy to order it. Because our inventory varies, always check our website (or with a customer service representative) before ordering, so you know when to expect your order. Orders received by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time will be expedited the same day.

Let’s take a look at some of the custom Canteen cooler accessories that may be in stock.

Half Cooler Shelves

This is wall shelving that is adjustable. It is designed to be secured to the floor and to the wall. Four adjustable shelves come with this unit. Here are the specs for the shelving currently in stock (subject to change):

  • 25 inches in height
  • 22 inches in length
  • 24 inches wide

Strip Curtain

These cooler curtains are designed to insulate the entry door from the cooler box. Here are the specifications for the strip curtain currently in stock (subject to change):

  • 77 inches high
  • 32 inches wide
  • .080 inches thick

Full Front Cooler Shelves

These adjustable shelves are full wall shelves designed to secure to flooring and into the wall.

Cooler Thermometer

With this thermometer, from a distance, you can measure the temperature of system components that are difficult to access. You can mount the dial away from your system because the probe is connected to a cable. To ensure accuracy, mount the dial no more than 5 feet below or above the probe.

Cold Plate with Hangers

On your very next day of travel, if you need a portable freezer, you can depend on cold plate refrigeration. When you are not on the road, simply use a locally available power source to plug in the refrigeration. Make sure that this allows refrigeration to pass through the plates. Over an 8 to 10-hour period, this will refreeze the inside solution of the plates. At the end of that freezing, you will be able to take your truck back out on the highway. From there on, during operation, absolutely no power is required by the system. Because it changes state so slowly, the frozen solution provides refrigeration. Depending on how often you open and close your doors, you can have up to 12 hours of maintained refrigeration temperatures.

Here are the specs of the currently stocked cold plate (subject to change):

  • 2 1/8 inches deep
  • 66 inches high
  • 36 inches wide

Check back frequently to see what we have in stock because you never know what treasures you might find. In fact, we may also have a side half cooler, full front cooler, and ice cream cart in stock… all useful items for the right situation.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, not only do we carry custom Canteen cooler accessories, we carry numerous parts and accessories used in the transportation industry. If you need it, chances are, we have it. We also have numerous certified service centers throughout the United States for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the service center, order a part, or simply to gain more information. Remember, everything we sell carries the Mickey guarantee.

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