Crazy New Safety Feature: Vibrating Hats!

There is an epidemic that is affecting hauling, shipping, and transportation drivers throughout America. Driving while drowsy has fatal consequences. But there is something new on the horizon that may offer assistance in keeping drivers awake and alert.

Startling Statistics

A poll was taken of Americans who operate a motor vehicle. Here are some startling results:

  • While driving, 40% have fallen asleep
  • While feeling extremely sleepy, 60% have operated vehicle

It is imperative that drivers stay awake and alert while driving. Even just driving while tired – and not actually falling asleep – can be extremely detrimental to attention span, reaction time, and more. Something had to be done, and Ford came up with one solution.

Introducing – The Vibrating Trucker Hat

The SafeCap is a little something that Ford has introduced to the trucking industry. It is designed to fight against behind the wheel drowsiness. How does it work? This cap is programmed to sense a driver’s movements. It knows how to differentiate between movements that are associated with nodding off and regular driving operation movements. If it detects drowsy motions, the safety feature activates. Through a combination of vibrations, sounds, and lights, the driver is alerted to their drowsy, dangerous condition.

Real truck drivers tested this cap over 3000 miles and an eight-month period. The results were even better than anticipated as Ford received literally thousands of requests regarding where to purchase the SafeCap and, at the very least, more information about it. Through research and development, this new safety device will not only become available to the public sooner rather than later, but appeal (hopefully) to an audience worldwide (not just truckers).

More Tips For Driving Bright Eyed and Alert

Here are a few tips to staying alert behind the wheel:

  • First of all, and this should go without saying, if you’re just too tired – don’t drive.
  • Be sure to get a full night’s sleep whenever possible before driving.
  • Take frequent breaks, even if they’re just short ones. Get out of your vehicle and walk around.
  • Keep a cold towel or washcloth handy (on ice) with which to wipe your neck and face.
  • Stay alert and hydrated with cold ice water from a cooler.
  • Talk to someone – if you don’t have a passenger, consider your CB radio or hands-free cell phone (hands-free technology is essential, such as Bluetooth).
  • Sing to your heart’s content – singing along to the radio, a CD, or just the music in your head helps you stay awake. Go ahead and belt it out!
  • Keep your cool. Rather than keeping it warm and cozy inside your vehicle, consider cooling it down. Colder temperatures can be more invigorating and help drivers stay alert and awake. (Of course, keeping it too cold isn’t a good idea either, so use good judgment.)

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we offer a multitude of safety devices, features, accessories, parts, and more. Additionally, we have service centers located throughout the United States to assist in adding those new safety features to your vehicle or trailer. Contact us at Mickey today to find out how we can be of assistance in keeping you, our valued clientele, safer and more alert on the road.

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