Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Commercial Fleet

When it comes to the trucks of a commercial fleet, ordinarily, great pride is taken in their condition – and for good reason. About the fleet and the company, these trucks reveal a lot. Additionally, they are moving billboards. The role of a great on-the-road ambassador is played by an impressive looking truck. On the other side of the coin, however, you don’t give the public a very good impression with trucks that are full of dings, nicks, faded paint, rust, and other excessive signs of wear.

When having some or all of your fleet refinished – or when choosing the specific color of a fleet – a number of factors should be considered. Durability is a hot topic.

  • Properties of a Paint Job

With durability being a major consideration when choosing fleet color/paint finish, make sure that the most desirable physical property attributes match up with your chosen paint products. Fleet owners or managers must consider things like the following when choosing paint:

  • Cleaning
  • Chemicals
  • UV rays
  • Corrosion, and more

Remember, choosing by price alone can end up costing more money in the long run because you’re spending more on future re-finishes. You shouldn’t sacrifice durability for the price.

Color and Branding

Fleet owners/managers must also consider color and branding. Typically, thousands of people see your truck every day. They will naturally be drawn to certain colors, consistent branding, brighter and newer shades, and hues, etc. What are two of the things that the world’s best fleets have in common? Answer: Consistent branding and updated branding.

Color Choices

In today’s marketplace, there are increasingly more and more effective finishes where color choices are concerned. Custom paint jobs, micas, and metallics are now the norm. Gone are the days of basic blue, white, or black. Some fleet owners/managers are even going so far as to ask for the input of their drivers as to their preference of color. Three components that must figure in are an updated feel, a renewed look, and consistency.

Conditions and Lifestyles

Want kind of elements will your truck/trailer be exposed to. Environmental conditions count when choosing the right coat of paint. Gloss retention and durability matter just as much as color in the life expectancy of a fleet’s paint job.

Paint and Cost

One major consideration for all fleet managers is always going to cost. Remember, however, that the cost of a gallon of paint may pale in comparison to how much it’s going to cost to refinish every vehicle in your fleet because the paint you originally chose was too cheap. Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish.

Needs on a Primary Basis

Regarding the paint finish for your fleet, remember to focus on the primary concerns and needs of your company. Have you had problems in the past with spot repairs, color matching, corrosion, and more? If in the past, a certain color faded, you may need to go with a different color or brand. On top of the last paint job, did you add a clearcoat overlay? If corrosion, chipping, wear, or loss of adhesion was a problem, you may consider this step.

What are your major concerns and primary needs, taking into consideration past paint issues – and considering any issues that may arise in the future?

Mickey Genuine Parts For Paint Jobs

In addition to colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching vinyl wraps, we also paint vehicles and trailers. Contact us today if you would like to discuss having your van, truck, trailer, or fleet painted. Remember, Mickey’s certified service centers are located throughout the United States when your trailer or truck needs maintenance.

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