What To Check When Buying Used Tractors

An excellent investment for almost any farmer is that of a secondhand tractor. It is a relatively low-cost item and a tool that no farm should be without. But it’s important to know how to make an informed decision when it comes to picking out your used tractor.

People buy used tractors at auctions, from other farmers, from friends, and from dealers. One of the most important aspects that that will assure the purchase of a good, reliable used tractor is to get it from a reputable source. It’s essential to get a warranty in writing whenever possible – even if it’s only good for a few months.

Tractors sold at auctions can be iffy unless you are closely acquainted with the people sponsoring the auction or the former owner of the tractor. It certainly won’t hurt to, before the auction begins, make a thorough check of the tractor in question. If you can talk to the former owner, find out why the tractor is being sold. Additionally, make sure that if the tractor is going to need parts (and what vehicle doesn’t?), they are locally available.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Tractor

First and foremost, check out the hours worked, the model, and the age of the tractor. Does the overall appearance go along with the hours that the owner says the tractor actually worked? Does it appear to have been taken good care of. We’re not talking about a coat of paint here. You have to look at what’s underneath the paint. The following are other areas of concern that should be closely looked at when buying a used tractor:

Overall Inspection

  • Check wheels, tires, and the steering system.
  • Check the PTO or power take-off.
  • Look at the grease nipples.
  • Are the hoses rotting or are they in good shape?
  • The hydraulic lift system should be inspected as should the hydraulic filter.

Things to Check When the Engine Is Running

  • When starting the engine, make sure that all of the lights go on, and once the engine turns over, they should go out – i.e. alternator, oil. Allow the engine to get warm. As the tractor warms up, listen to the engine and watch the exhaust.
  • Check out the brakes by putting the tractor in first gear, standing on the brakes, and opening the throttle.
  • Press the clutch. How far does it go down before gears change? See how smoothly the tractor moves by letting out the clutch (after releasing the handbrake).
  • Check for diesel leaks and check the oil after the engine is hot (it has been running for a while).

Things to Check Before Starting the Engine

  • Check the radiator for stains which could indicate a leak, look for damaged fins, and check the radiator’s inside for corrosion signs.
  • Look closely for fuel and oil leaks.
  • Take a good look at the air filter.

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