Can You Survive The Freight Environment In 2018?

It’s barely spring, yet 2018 is already booming in the world of freight! For starters, many of January’s numbers were off the charts. If the rest of the year follows suit, will you be ready? Will you be able to keep up with your competitors through spring and into summer? (Typically, business picks up during those time.)

Are your trucks ready? Is your fleet big enough?

Recently, to keep up with the rising freight demand, some 5600 jobs were added by trucking companies. You may have heard the media reporting stories about warehouse worker shortages, diesel engine technician shortages, manufacturing labor shortages, and truck driver shortages. All of this can have an effect on your trucking company or you as a private trucker. So, in 2018, how will you survive the freight environment? We have some tips.

Transportation Should Be Dedicated and Secure

The last thing you need is unexpected freight just sitting on a dock. No matter how many strategies you’ve worked into your system, everything stops when capacity is tight and surprise orders materialize. How are you going to find the trucks to move those kinds of shipments? This is where dedicated transportation comes in. At a predictable price, and with a predictable source of capacity established, it will provide the relief you need. It’s nothing new, networks with dedicated fleets incorporated into them. But in 2018, it will be a crucial aspect.

Your Transportation Network Should Be Reevaluated

Many drivers prefer jobs where they can enjoy a reasonable work-life balance with a predictable work schedule. That means that there are going to be “undesirable” jobs out there that don’t offer those perks. Compared to the rest of the market, those less desirable jobs are going to equate to higher pay rates that will escalate exponentially. To better control your costs, a good example of network strategy would be to change your long-haul freight over to regional freight.

The Key – Transportation Collaboration

You and your team have to be in the right mindset for 2018. It might be time to have a collaborative discussion with your transportation providers. Discuss current market conditions, how to navigate them, and the risks. How can you make your freight the stuff drivers and carriers want to move? There are going to be some changes that need to be made, so don’t be shy.

For example, if some staff members aren’t ready to get on board with required changes, replacements may be required. Here is an example: you have a dispatcher who clearly works by old-school principals. On their own dime, mind you, she expects drivers to just sit and wait out the arrival of the next load. With all that’s been discussed here, in this article, you should be able to figure out how dangerous that concept is. Remember, there’s lots of work out there. Drivers are going to find the best-case scenario and go with it. A dispatcher like the one just mentioned does not offer attractive options for truckers. You will be left in the cold – and so will your freight.

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