6 Benefits Of Using A Box Truck For Your Business

When your business requires dependable transportation for various types of goods, you’ll greatly benefit from purchasing the box truck. Also called cube trucks, these vehicles combine a cabin with a trailer that is enclosed, and comes in numerous sizes and shapes. Below are six advantages they provide.

Extra Storage Space

Successful businesses tend to expand, and you may have noticed that your current vehicle lacks the space needed to suit your growing needs. Companies that are required to haul increased bulk will need more storage space, and box trucks provide lots of it which translates into fewer trips and lower fuel costs.

Zero Cost Advertising

Do you wish to market your business without needing to spend a bunch of money on billboards or commercial advertising? One of the best forms of advertising is on the side of the box truck, as this is the location where you can add the company logo, decals, a phone number and catchy phrases. Every time the truck is driven around town or parked in a crowded area, onlookers will see the ad, and if interested they’ll jot down your number to contact you later. And best of all? It doesn’t cost you anything.

Secure Storage

Most companies require a secure location where they can house precious cargo, protecting it from pests, adverse weather, vandalism or theft. Box trucks meet all the criteria, as they can be secured with locks that make them difficult to break into while also protecting sensitive cargo from fluctuating temperature changes, sunlight or precipitation. And because it is mobile, it can be easily moved from a high risk area to one which is secure.

Ease of Handling

There are many different trucks that a business can purchase, but box trucks are prized for their ease of handling, especially in comparison to semis and other big vehicles. They are large enough to hold a generous amount of cargo while still being small enough to fit into urban streets with congested traffic. Additionally, drivers will find them comfortable to operate, especially in downtown regions where driving a big rig would be far more stressful and challenging, particularly when making turns that if done incorrectly can lead to accidents.

Trailers are No Longer Required

Those that have previously used trailers to haul around their goods know that box trucks will save them both effort and time. The reason for this is because you no longer have to worry about unhitching and hitching the trailer each time you have to separately utilize the towing vehicles. The box truck is the all in 1 solution for hauling that enables you to just load cargo then head out.

Lower Cost

The final advantage of purchasing a box truck is that its costs are much lower than traditional semis. Even a used semi can set you back six figures, while a new or used box truck can be purchased for the low to mid five figures. That is a big difference, and when you factor in the lower fuel costs, you’ll save big over the long term.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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