4 Factors To Consider When Buying A Step Van

Step vans usually come in the form of panel trucks which provide driving versatility while standing or sitting. Traditionally they’ve been associated with the food service and culinary industry, but in recent years their usage has expanded. Below are four factors to consider when buying a step van.

New or Used

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you want a new or used step van. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a new step van won’t have a vehicle maintenance history which means you likely won’t have to worry about mechanical issues other than potential manufacturing defects. However, new models usually come with a complete factory warranty which means any discovered defects will be covered by the manufacturer. You’ll also enjoy lower financing rates with greater options and delivery nationwide.

However, a used step van is more affordable, tends to have faster finance approval, and you’ll get the option of third party warranties. You will also enjoy quicker turnaround times, greater maintenance hub options and won’t need to begin from scratch regarding accessories and features. Of course, the downside to buying used is the lack of a factory warranty, shorter term financing and the vehicular maintenance history.


Once you’ve decided whether you want to purchase a new or used step van, you must figure out how you’ll finance it. Some people prefer using their own funds because they don’t want to deal with a lender, while others prefer to take out a loan then pay it back in installments. Lenders will expect preapproval and good credit from you. If you have a less than stellar credit history, it can be difficult or even impossible to get a loan which means you’ll have to use your own funds.

Diesel or Gas

Once you’ve purchased your step van, you’ll need a steady supply of fuel to keep it running, and if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably noticed reports of rising gas prices. The two most popular forms of fuel for step vans is diesel or gas. To determine which is best for you, research the cost differences between them, their efficiency and consumption.

ISP FedEx Certification

When shopping for your step van, you should strongly consider getting a model that is in adherence with ISP standards. In fact, experts recommend not buying a van from dealers who are not in compliance with stringent mechanical DOT inspection guidelines, because the vehicle you get from them may not operate at the most desirable standards.

Why Step Vans?

Step vans have a number of advantages that make them well suited to safely carrying cargo. Unlike pickup trucks, the merchandise will be enclosed with a roof, which means protection from the elements. While goods carried in a pickup can be covered by a tarp, this doesn’t beat the protection that a step van provides. Second, the vans utilize a design which makes it simple for customers to access the windows, which is why the vans are sometimes used as mobile restaurants or stores.

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