5 Biggest Challenges In The Transportation Industry

There are numerous challenges in the transportation industry. Lately, the coronavirus had a huge impact on businesses throughout the world – the transportation industry included. Add to that new legislation, rising costs, electrification, and more, it seems – at times – like issues and problems are never-ending.

In the next year or so, we may see the fleet and transport industries face major issues. You want to help your business thrive, so what can you do to better manage changes, challenges, etc.? Let’s take a look at the transportation industry, some of its trials, and how to face them.

Legislation – Keeping Up

Most fleets are continually challenged by trying to keep up with new legislation. Clean Air Zone vehicle management will be a hot button. Clean Air Zone entry costs vary, and the charge can be very high for some non-compliant vehicles. Your fleet’s non-compliant vehicles should be rerouted and reallocated so that your fleet will not be penalized.

Effective SMR (Service, Maintenance, and Repair)

The proper handling of service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) will, for the rest of the year, likely pose a challenge for many businesses. Some repair and maintenance jobs are being slowed due to a problem getting the parts needed. To analyze SMR trends and issues, data and technology should be used by fleet managers to minimize downtime and avoid long delays.

Improving Fleet and Employee Productivity

It may be harder now, with more workers spending time at home instead of at the office, to analyze the productivity of your business where departments, employees, and other services are concerned. You’ll want to make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Recording driver hours and mileages accurately
  • Scheduling routing and jobs efficiently
  • Reducing downtime

The areas above will need to be managed and measured closely so that, as productively as possible, you’re running your business/fleet.

Taking a Bite Out of Fuel Costs

Fuel prices are undeniably outrageous. There is no telling when they will return to “normal”. To use less fuel, keep your fleet vehicles maintained properly. To purchase fuel at a more cost-effective price, research new systems, gas cards, etc. Also, make sure your drivers and vehicles are both operating efficiently.

Fleet Management Costs

For everyone in the upcoming year and possibly beyond, fleet management cost reduction will be a challenge. Make sure that, in the most effective way, you’re sourcing fleet vehicles. One good place to start is funding terms. If you’re not using something, don’t pay for it. Cash flow is another factor. It’s going to be crucial that, as effectively as possible, you run your fleet.

Save time by using technology to streamline fleet management. This will allow your fleet to run proactively and efficiently, as well as save on administration time and money.

Mickey Can Help Make the Challenges of the Transportation Industry a Bit Easier

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