3 Factors That Impact Fleet Fuel Efficiency

What are two things that companies involved in fleet management are constantly trying to do? Answer: Save money and increase efficiency. There are numerous challenges involved in the industry like soaring competitive pressures, increased regulations, tight budgets, and more. While trying to improve operations, these challenges can be discouraging for management. Fleet fuel efficiency frequently ends up being one of the most significant difficulties. Due to varying factors, fuel efficiency is hard to maintain. For many businesses, one of the biggest operating expenses is the cost of fuel and the problem ends up costing companies a lot of money.

We are going to take a look at the fleet fuel efficiency of companies and three factors that affect it the most.

Inadequate Route Optimization

How do you optimize a travel route? To calculate the most logical route, you must consider the following:

  • Load
  • Required fuel
  • Destination and other factors

By reducing delivery time and increasing speed, fuel costs can be decreased.

Driving Techniques And Drivers

Fuel costs can be decreased when drivers use efficient driving techniques such as the following:

  • Brake in advance
  • Accelerate gently
  • Drive at a constant speed

You may be surprised at how many of your drivers do the exact opposite of one or more of the above-listed factors. Monitoring their driving, using today’s technology, may help save fuel by adjusting driving styles.

Vehicle Weight and Type

From trucks to cars, a fleet can consist of many different vehicles, particularly as the term “fleet” applies to home services, electricians, security companies, etc. These vehicle types differ in fuel efficiency and weight. Heavier vehicles tend to provide less fuel efficiency.

If the number of trips can be reduced by a heavier vehicle (which can carry more weight), in some cases, this may be advantageous. Don’t be disappointed in your fuel efficiency because you’re using the wrong vehicle.

Can You Consume Less Fuel?

To reduce fuel consumption, there are several ways to go about it. Some of the most relevant may be the following:

  • Use route optimization to its fullest. Take the shortest route and use the nearest vehicle.
  • Monitor driving. Through today’s available technological systems, driving can be monitored by managers. Remember that more fuel is consumed when operators drive recklessly.
  • Vehicle maintenance. Keeping your fleet in good order will help it to consume less fuel because the vehicles will operate properly.

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