Work Truck Upfit Ideas By Trade

Professionals need specific tools for specific jobs. Although those tools can vary with the project, one will always stay the same: your truck. A work vehicle is an important aspect of your company, from marketing the business, to helping you do your job, to keeping your customers happy. It’s a lot more than just a way to get to the jobsite every day. So, customize your vehicle around your needs. Make sure your work truck upfit results in greater productivity and higher profits for you and your employees.

Here are some suggestions for a work truck upfit for your particular trade.

Work Truck Upfit Ideas for HVAC Techs

With HVAC problems as the seasons change, technicians must adapt quickly and work in many different weather conditions. To manage these ever-changing needs, increase your organizational skills, and work more efficiently, consider upfitting your work vehicle. Keep all your tools and a few changes of clothes or extra gloves tucked neatly away. Add dividers, door kits, shelving with drawer units, a vice mount, and a welded tank rack. These are just a few ideas to help you meet your goals of adaptability.

Design Ideas for Plumbers

Are you a plumber working out of a large cargo trailer or do you use a standard van? Either way, there are lots of equipment solutions and accessories to add to your work truck upfit. Change your van or trailer’s interior to best benefit you and your workers. With a variety of cargo sizes and tools, adjustable shelving is a must. Add dividers, partitions, welded tank racks, and vice mounts to increase your efficiency every day. No more searching through boxes of parts to find what you need.

Upfit Suggestions for Contractors

With a contracting business, you need to promptly respond to whatever problem, job site, or project you’re called to. That means your work vehicle needs an instantly flexible storage solution in its upfit. Drop-in dividers and adjustable shelves can quickly adapt to the job at hand. They can be constantly re-configured to provide storage solutions for your needs. To add safety and security, be sure to include locking shelf door kits, cargo partitions, and drawer units. Don’t waste your valuable time sifting through tools for just the right one or being surprised by not having enough space for something that must get to the site immediately.

Work Truck Upfit Concepts for Maintenance Techs and General Service Professionals

As a general service professional, you never know what your day will bring. Like the contractor, you need to be prepared to do a variety of jobs at any given time. Keep your work vehicle organized with rail kits, shelving units, utility hooks, dividers, and drawers. Making sure there’s a place for everything will help you be more productive and efficient. Have all the tools and parts you need at your fingertips.

Upfit Solutions for Telecommunication Techs

Think about what kinds of tools and supplies you use every day. Do you install or restore cable TV service to an entire neighborhood or just one home at a time? If you also work on internet connectivity, ensure your work vehicle is fully equipped with everything you need. You can be more successful by keeping up with the latest technology. Upfit your work vehicle with cable and wire reel holders, divided shelving, locking cabinets, composite drawers, and partitions. This will keep your service calls running smoothly because you’ll always have everything you need on hand.

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