Why Should You Use Sideloaders For Beverage Transportation?

Also referred to as a self-loading trailer or sidelifter, a sideloader offers a cost-effective and versatile method for unloading, transporting, and loading various cargo including containers and more. This makes it possible for a business to gain new revenue, new customers, and new business in a market where the constant increase of container handling never seems to stop.

Sideloaders for beverage transportation can safely handle cargo like shipping containers to and from trains, trucks, or other trailers – or at ground level – where they can efficiently and safely be unpacked and packed. The sideloader, mounted on a trailer or truck, can operate without any additional equipment and with minimal manpower. This makes it possible to deliver competitive, seamless service and minimizes planning and wait time.

Basic Applications for a Sideloader

Combined with a truck or trailer, a sideloader consists of two side lifting cranes. Four basic sideloader operations exist:

  • Road transport
  • Stacking containers
  • Transfer to/from a rail wagon or another chassis
  • Lifting to/from ground level

Approximately two to four minutes is a full handling time.

Sideloader Benefits

Quick turnaround – Wherever and whenever you want, a sideloader makes it feasible to swiftly unload and load a container. Then, onto the next task, a driver can likely move on within two to four minutes full operation time. To increase container flow, higher efficiency is realized through minimized waiting time.

Competitive advantage – In an efficient and safe manner, a sideloader enables you to perform your job and offers an opportunity that isn’t provided by a trailer and truck. Anywhere, anytime, from the ground or from other wagons/trucks/trailers, you can unload/load anywhere. Additionally, the need for third-party equipment is done away with.

Safe workplace, safe cargo – Allowing you to handle high-value, fragile, or hazardous goods, and keeping cargo safe, a sideloader provides leveled, safe 2+2-point lifting. The delivery procedure is as safe as possible as both the transport and lifting operation are handled by one individual.

Container can be placed on the ground – So the end user can unpack and pack a load at their leisure, the sideloader can put the container on the ground. This is also a positive aspect when no loading docks are available. A temporary, flexible storage room can additionally be provided by a ground placed shipping container.

Always in demand – Among their customers, suppliers utilizing sideloaders are becoming more and more popular. They will be the last units to go unused in case of an economic downturn.

More than just containers – A wide selection of heavy cargo items can be lifted with a sideloader. Without numerous specialized lifting systems and cranes, this is an economical alternative. For unprepared terrain, a sideloader’s ground pressure makes it ideal. It is also less susceptible to bad weather thanks to a low operation height.

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