Why Should You Use Reefer Van Bodies for Last Mile Deliveries?

You may be familiar with the concept of a reefer van body. But just how beneficial are they when it comes to making last-mile deliveries? Otherwise known as chiller vans, reefers can either be large combination vehicles or class 1 vans. They are designed to maintain a constant temperature regardless of the ever-changing weather patterns. During hot weather, reefer units should keep a cool temperature for perishable goods. In freezing weather, reefer van bodies provide a warm/hot atmosphere for the relevant consignment.

Now more than ever, people need their consignments delivered on the same day they place an order. For that reason, delivery services are pressured into ensuring speedy transportation to maintain customer satisfaction. While on-time delivery is a priority, don’t risk transporting wilted, rotted, or spoiled items, especially on the last mile.

Last-mile deliveries are the most critical stage of any transportation process. Here is where products make their way to the customer from the distribution center. Keep your customers satisfied by keeping your final mile delivery quick and easy by using a reefer van body. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider using reefer van bodies for last-mile deliveries:

Temperature-Sensitive Goods Stay Cool on Transit

Above anything else, it’s essential to ensure that last-mile items stay fresh enough while on transit. The majority of organic items, food, and drink go bad when they stay for too long in a moving van with high temperatures. Get the best quality reefer van body to ensure your customers receive their orders in the freshest possible quality.

Keeps You Safe from Legal Issues

All delivery services should strive to deliver whole and fresh food items to their customers. There have been cases whereby customers have gotten sick by ingesting food that went bad in transit. If your company is found guilty of transporting bad food, not only will you be liable for damages, your reputation will also be impacted negatively.

Smooth Temperature Regulation

As mentioned earlier, reefer bodies can be adjusted to suit the temperature needs of your consignments. Given you have complete control of the entire refrigeration process, you stand a chance of receiving a constant flow of fruit and vegetable demands.

They are More Profitable

Refrigerated van bodies are typically twenty-percent extra profitable than ordinary dry van bodies. You can facilitate last-mile transportation of products of all kinds, including those that require a set level of heat for shipment. If organic produce is a hindrance to the growth of your business, purchase a reefer van body today to gain access to a larger market.

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