Why Should You Consider Reconditioning Your Fleet Vehicles?

Reconditioning your fleet vehicles can be a tricky little undertaking. If you’ve done or been responsible for any type of refurbishment repairs, auto bodywork, or mechanical repairs, this is something you’re already familiar with. The moment unexpected breakdowns/repairs pop up, you start losing money. Every second those vehicles are out of commission, that’s money going right out the door.

If you’re in the business of fleet vehicles, one of two things is likely true:

  • You have a list of reliable and dependable vendors who work at a budget you can afford and at a speed you can deal with. You’ve used them before, and you will use them again.
  • You do all of your body and engine work in-house. You have an auto repair shop that manages to handle most, if not all, of your repairs and refurbishments.

No matter the case, a burning question arises more often than you may like to think about. That is the question of whether to restore or replace.

To Restore or To Replace – That Is the Question

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of restoration, it may not be your first consideration. Knowing an expert in the field of restoration and refurbishment, however, presents you with a nice alternate to replacement. The more experienced and reliable the restorer, the less downtime your fleet will experience. Hopefully, the restorer you have chosen works at a speed and budget that is agreeable to you.

Some fleet managers will spend a bit more, knowing that spending a little more on a restorer that knows the business inside and out and can expedite all repairs and restorations. That means saving lots of money on downtime, making a little spending worth it.

Refurbishment and Your Bottom Line

Your fleet vehicles need to function well, look good, and run well. Over time, however, carpeting gets worn out, the sun fades the dashboard, fabric and leather get worn, headlights start to yellow, and so on. If you buy used and decide to refurbish those used trucks/trailers, you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Buying the right parts from the right dealers where plastic items, leather, and fabric are concerned can mean saving up to 70%.

What Will Your Refurbishing Service Do for You?

In addition to saving money and doing things in a speedy fashion, there are certain aspects of a refurbishing service that you should look for:

  • A total makeover – The following may seem trivial (compared to the engine, suspension, etc.), but they make a difference: restore burns, tears, and scratches to a new appearance. Dye surfaces such as rubber, leather, plastic, and vinyl.
  • Fix pretty much anything – We do mean anything! Once again, suspension, engines, and more must all be running at 100% to be safe and efficient. But because the look of your fleet is important, your refurbishing service needs to be able to restore and repair carpet, plastic, fabric, leather, and vinyl to a like-new condition. They should also be able to fix exterior paneling, headlights, interior, seating, the dash, etc.
  • Will the restorer come to you – Will the service that does your restorations make “house calls“? If you have to lose precious time transporting your vehicles back and forth for simple estimates, that’s lost money! Your refurbishing service should come to you if possible.

Mickey Genuine Parts has certified service centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. We can help get your fleet back in shape. We carry parts, accessories, and more. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today to find out what Mickey can do for you and your fleet.

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