Which Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Require the Most Repairs?

Just by the sheer nature of the term, you already know that “heavy-duty truck parts” are going to be subjected to greater than normal conditions. Ergo the “heavy duty” specification. Because these parts are forced to endure exceptional conditions, they are built accordingly. But even heavy-duty parts have their limits. When it comes to truck maintenance and repairs, which heavy-duty truck parts need repair and replacement most often? We asked the experts for their input and this is what they offered.

Clutch Components

Crucial for normal clutch life are clutch monitoring and maintenance. You could get more than 200,000 miles out of a properly maintained clutch. Today’s trucks can save some down time because they have self-adjusting clutches. Nonetheless, the following should be done on a regular basis to keep your truck on the road:

  • Inspect automatically adjusted clutches
  • For manually adjusted clutches, frequent/as needed adjustment
  • Grease the throw out bearing

Water Pumps

In heavy duty vehicles, the water pump plays a crucial role because it keeps the engine from overheating. Running at about 180°, glycol was used as a coolant in trucks from the past.

Applying to trucks today, however, are new emissions standards. Therefore, trucks now use a pressurized, organic acid-based coolant running as high as 240°F or as low as 220°F. Failures are more common in today’s cooling systems as a result. Water pumps should be regularly inspected for bearing wear or seepage.

Brake Systems

Advanced air brake systems are required on today’s heavy-duty vehicles. As suggested earlier, durability is in the mind of heavy-duty parts designers. But, taking its toll on these parts, the conditions under which they are strained and drained eventually win out. When it comes to your brakes, it is generally recommended that they be inspected following any major trip.

Brake testing can consist of the following:

  • Test the performance of your air brakes after draining any moisture from the air tank reservoir.
  • Check that hoses and linings are intact.
  • Ensure that, in a timely fashion, the air pressure gauge is hitting the right levels.
  • Pads or brake shoes should be replaced when the shoe is rusted or when worn.
  • Every time brake shoes are replaced cam bushings and spring kits should be replaced as well. (Some manufacturers sell cam bushings and spring kits along with remanufactured shoe replacement kits.) 

Now That You Know…

Now that you’re familiar with which heavy-duty truck parts may need more attention than others, you will want to put those on your list of things to check on a frequent or regular basis. There is nothing like preventative maintenance to keep a fleet up and running and keep the money rolling in. Don’t wait until the last minute and risk failure of the above discussed parts. Keep a close eye on them for the best results. Mickey Genuine Parts carries a wide array of regular and heavy-duty parts. No surprise there – it’s in our name. But we also carry equipment, accessories, used trailers and vans, and offer service at any one of our certified service centers throughout the United States. When you see the name Mickey Genuine Parts, rest assured that more than parts figures into what we do. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to find out more.

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