When Should You Replace The Tires Of Your Semi-Trailers?

A good trucker knows that the condition of his tires have everything to do with the semi-trailer’s performance, fuel efficiency, handling, and more. In the interest of saving money, no one wants to replace tires before they need to; but there comes a time when the safety of both load and driver can be seriously threatened if tires aren’t changed when needed.

Typically, alignment, tread level, and tire pressure may begin as minor issues. But before you reach your next destination, those minor issues can turn into a catastrophe when they end up causing a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. And nobody wants that.

So how do you know when to change your tires? What’s the best way to make sure that you’re always riding on good tires?

The Key to Good Tires Is Preventive Maintenance

Keep the tread and pressure of your tires in check.

More fuel will be consumed because your vehicle will run less efficiently if low tire pressure is present. And because they are not appropriately pressurized, underinflated tires exhibit wear far faster. On the other hand, less rubber is in contact with the road when tires are overinflated. The performance of your vehicle will be negatively affected in this case. A decreased level of safety and uneven tread wear are also the possible results of improper tire pressure.

To assure the safety and efficiency of your truck, it is essential to gauge your tire pressure regularly.

For commercial truck tires, visual inspections are also important. Regularly check for road debris such as nails and screws that might be lodged in your tires. Excessive or unusual wear will be apparent when you check the tread level your tires as well. You can lose control on the road if you travel with a tread that is less than the recommended level.

Is It Time To Change Your Tires?

We understand that tires are expensive – especially tires for semi-trailers. So to increase their longevity, you want to keep the tires you have in the best shape possible. Consider it protecting your investment. But no matter how well you manage to maintain your tires, eventually, replacement will be necessary. When the need arises, do not put off the inevitable. As discussed, this can be a matter of safety for both driver and load, as well as others on the road.

Are there bulges in your tires? If so, it is absolutely essential that you replace them. Uneven wear can sometimes cause tire bulges. If you notice one of these, a blowout is inevitable. Do not hesitate to replace bulging tires.

Is the tread low or are the sidewalls cracked? Tire placement is necessary, as soon as possible, to address either or both of these issues.

By doing a visual check on your vehicle’s tires, your semi-trailer will be more efficient and safer. Cost wise, prices and quality vary and are frequently competitive. Watch for sales and promotions to save yourself some money.

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