What You Need To Know Before Transforming Your Truck Into A Mobile Billboard

Before we explore the mobile billboard concept, there are two aspects we should touch on. Today, thanks in part, to advanced technology, digital mobile billboards are available. These are driven around town after being placed on the back or side of a truck (or on a trailer). Advertising displays will wrap around this billboard and are digitally created/run. Today’s digital mobile billboards include video/LED/digital displays.

Another type of mobile billboard can be referred to by simply using decals, paints, or wraps to – in essence – turn your truck into a moving advertisement. There are also companies who will literally mount a prefabricated billboard on the side of your truck.

Mobile Billboards Versus Traditional

Let’s take a closer look at traditional billboards versus mobile billboards – how do they compare?

Traditional billboards:

  • In a word… boring – While driving down the highway, most people pay relatively little attention to roadside billboards because they’re so used to seeing them.
  • Unchanging – Unless you want to rent the billboard for another month, you can’t change the design once you’ve put it up. Trying to change it is surprisingly cost intensive.
  • Short-term – Ordinarily, you only have a billboard up for four weeks at a time. You’re renting space.
  • Audience targeting – The chance of you being able to target the exact audience you want is iffy. Because the billboard is stationary, the same people will see it over and over.
  • Speaking of stationary… that’s exactly what roadside billboards are. For the entire time you are using that billboard, it is going to stay in the same spot.


  • Exciting and new – You’ll capture more attention with today’s mobile billboards. They are eye-catching, exciting, and new.
  • Fresh designs – Whenever you want to or need to, you can switch out your designs, advertise different items/services, order new signs, etc.
  • Long-term – You’ll be able to use your mobile billboard year after year, if you so choose, rather than simply renting one short-term (unless that’s what you want).
  • Audience targeting – You decide whether you want your advertising to be near events, in crowded areas, etc. Wherever your audience is, your billboard can be, as well.
  • Portability – You have several options as to how to display your billboard. You can constantly park it in different areas, drive around town with it, and move it to completely different locations.

Should You Turn Your Truck into a Mobile Billboard?

To get the word out regarding a service your company provides, a new product, etc., turning your truck into a moving billboard has proven to be a highly beneficial method. In research results, it was established that even the least successful campaign response rate involving mobile billboards was three times higher than the average Internet campaign response rate!

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