What You Need To Know About Ambulance Van Cleaning And Decontamination

In prehospital care scenarios and when providing emergency medical assistance, an ambulance van is essential and indispensable in many situations. To save millions of people worldwide, these are the units/vehicles used by EMTs and paramedics. Particularly now, with the Coronavirus sending shock waves through the world, cleaning and decontaminating ambulances has become even more important than it already was in saving lives.

Patient care has always been the top priority for medical practitioners. But if their ambulance is not cared for as well, particularly now, the consequences could be dire. Medical care, after all, is done on board as well as once a patient gets to the medical facility. In order to guarantee the safety of practitioners and patients, it is necessary to clean the ambulance van and decontaminate it fully.

Ambulance Van Interior Versus Exterior

The first piece of advice when it comes to keeping an ambulance environment healthy is to make sure that the outside is clean. The entire exterior of the ambulance must be cleaned with soap, water, brushes, etc., and rinsed. There should be no dirt and/or mud in the tires whenever possible. Degreasers and other extra cleaners should be used as needed. Don’t be afraid to use a brush on the tires!

Cleaning and Decontaminating the inside

Cleaning and decontamination must be done on the floor and both seats of the ambulance cab. To execute this operation, wear gloves and be sure to disinfect, not just see to it that they look clean. To get rid of rubbish, disposable tools, etc., always have a trash bag handy. Spraying the rag/cloth you’re using to wipe down the electrical equipment, radio, counsel, and dashboard is a better practice than spraying them directly with disinfectant.

Make sure you disinfect the microphone for the radio and door handles, as well. Those items get touched all the time, so it is crucial to be sure they’re cleaned and disinfected. Some of the highest cleaning efforts should be paid to the stretchers used to transport patients. Naturally, linens should be changed after each and every patient. Used linens should never be utilized for any reason. Also after every use, correctly clean stretcher straps.

Proper cleaning of the mattress is essential as well, including removing it from the frame. Clean the undercarriage of the cot, the frame, and wipe down the handrails.

Rather than disinfectant, use glass cleaner on ambulance door glasses.

On a regular basis, check your sharps container. If it’s nearing the change out level, go ahead and exchange it.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Various Items and the Ambulance Van Floor

To begin the cleaning process on the floor, sweep out debris or dirt. Let a coating of disinfectant sit on the floor for a while and then, with clean water, mop it up.

When cleaning the defibrillator or monitors, wipe down the face of the monitor, the pulse ox probe, lead cables, etc. Your oxygen caddy should be cleaned out as well, and wipe down the regulator. Also clean head blocks, backboards, stethoscope earpieces and bell, BP cuff, etc. Before placing them back in your rig, allow them to dry.

When it comes to your equipment and ambulance, these cleaning methods may seem routine. But with the threat that currently faces the country (and the world) by the Coronavirus, extended and exceptional cleaning and decontamination methods must be put into practice and maintained.

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