What Should You Know About Upfitting Work Trucks?

Some compare it to an intricately executed balancing act, the sometimes-difficult task of upfitting work trucks. The work must be done correctly, the right person to do the work must be chosen, and the appropriate equipment must be compatible with the truck. Wait – this is only after you’ve selected the right truck and gone through all your options! See the balancing act?

When it comes to the upfitting process, what should fleet managers know? They must understand a couple of things, to begin with:

  • Where their fleet vehicles are concerned, they must stay realistic.
  • They need to know how early the planning stages should begin.

Let’s explore these two factors and more.

Consider the Job at Hand

Certain tools are required for specific jobs. We all know that. So, ask yourself two questions:

  • How will the truck be stored?
  • What’s going into your truck?

Why is this important? How tall the truck will be may be determined by the kinds of products that will be contained within the truck. Additionally, you’ll want to decide how many points of access you will need to get to the inside. Is storage space going to be needed? Will the storage space you choose be upgradable?

You may want to consider a rack system. If you’re going to carry anything on top of the truck, will you be using a fixed access system or a simple one? If no top rack will be needed, you may want to consider a retractable, durable tonneau cover (depending on the truck in question). 

Get an Early Start

Though we frequently think about upfitting and our choice of vehicle separately, in the long run, the process can be made easier if both are considered at the same time. As a fleet manager in charge of upfitting, the process will be eased along if you have the best possible communication with your vendor. Naturally, you will also need to balance the budget and the needs of your commercial fleet/vehicle.

The following are important once the vehicle is completed:

  • The truck must be able to move the load safely, efficiently, and effectively. 
  • The truck must have the ability to move, stop, and contain required load/loads. 

This will be made easier if you consult with the following key players in the decision-making process:

  • The installation services site
  • The body manufacturer
  • The chassis manufacturer

What’s going to throw a wrench in this whole process? Meeting the budget. If your truck doesn’t meet performance expectations, but the upfit stayed within the budget, the point is moot.

Special Notes

One of the biggest mistakes fleet managers make in the upfitting of a truck is that they fail to consider payload capacity. To determine true payload capacity, the actual vehicle weight must be subtracted from the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Want to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and improve overall fuel efficiency? Use a custom upfit solution in a smaller truck body.

Be sure to connect with your upfitting partner as specs are being planned.

Finally, think about this: 

Who’s Driving the Truck?

What kinds of upfits will make a world of difference to your drivers? Rear facing shelves? Added partitions and doors? If you want happy drivers, you need good upfits. Consider, also, whether or not different jobs are done by the drivers in different vehicles. Though your company may specialize in one industry, many jobs can be assigned within that industry. Specific jobs may require precise upfits in order for your drivers and technicians to execute them properly.

Turn to Mickey Genuine Parts for Upfitting

Whether you need someone to perform the upfitting work on your trucks, or if you have an in-house mechanic/service to do the work themselves, you can rely on Mickey Genuine Parts. We have conveniently located service centers that will do the work, but we also ship parts and accessories, as needed, to various individuals and companies. Everything we do, and everything we sell, we provide the Mickey guarantee. Find out when more and more companies and individuals are experiencing them make a difference today. Contact us for information.

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