What Should You Consider When Buying Dry Van Trailers?

If only every vehicle you bought for your business would last throughout the lifetime of your company, you would never have to worry about buying another new trailer, truck, or van. Today, technological advancements are growing at an alarming rate which is turning modern vehicles into sophisticated automobiles. When considering dry van trailers, there are a number of helpful tips to keep in mind. Regulations, fuel economy, weight, payload, and maintenance costs are just a few factors. Here, we are going to look at some of those.

What are Dry Van Trailers?

Fully enclosed, a semi-trailer that can be categorized as a dry van which is meant to guard their shipment against external elements. It is designed to transport loose freight, boxed freight, and palletized freight. Unlike refrigerated reefer units, this type of transport is not temperature controlled. Unlike flatbed trailers, oversized shipments should not be carried in this type of trailer.

The Lifespan of Your Trailer

When it comes to dry van trailers, are you aware of its expected lifespan? If it is meant to last for seven years, is there any way to extend the lifespan to 10 years? You can take a moment to examine quality equipment and plans that can better assure future peace of mind. Consider installing solid flooring, quality wheel ends, long-lasting lighting systems, and purchasing extended warranties.

Go for Better Rather Than the Same

Your old trailer can be outdated. With all the high-tech advancements available on today’s vehicles and trailers, it is a smart move to take advantage of as many as possible. Stay within your budget and try to purchase a newer model rather than buying an old one.

Securing the Right Flooring

A load is only as safe as the flooring it is being transported on. Therefore, it can be a bad idea to overload a dry van trailer. Floors must be able to support the load that sits on them. It is good to also know that additional pressure is exerted on floors when shipments are unloaded and loaded.

Check Your Old Trailer One Last Time

Check your old trailer regularly and closely examine where you find the most wear and tear. Consider your new purchase and incorporate this information into it. With this helpful tip, you can be better informed of the areas that should be reinforced or may require more care and attention.

Weight Load Is a Big Factor

It only stands to reason that you can carry more if you can save weight. Of course, there is not a “magic trailer” that somehow weighs less than others. However, make a list of your priorities before you purchase your new trailer. Overall, what do you want your dry van trailer to accomplish and contain?

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