Looking For Mickey’s Beverage Trailer Door Components?

A door is a door, right? Not so much. Especially when you’re talking about a beverage trailer door. More parts than you can even imagine go into the making of a door like this. When something goes wrong, all or one of the parts on the door may need repair or replacement. If the door is one of Mickey’s, we are going to have everything you need in the way of replacement, repairs, and accessories.

Why Choose Mickey Genuine Parts?

Mickey puts out some high-quality doors. And you don’t want to put some generic part on a door like that. In fact, if you want all the parts to work together nicely, and for the value of your trailer to remain favorable, using parts from Mickey is the only way to go. Best of all, if you need those parts right away, we can ship your order the very day you call it in; provided we receive your order by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. Even if we don’t have the part in stock, we can probably get it to you within three days of your order.

Let’s take a look at some of the parts that Mickey carries for beverage trailer doors. (Keep in mind that when viewing the parts below, the items currently in stock may have changed. Check with a Mickey representative to find out if we have the part you need in our inventory.)

Complete Rollup Doors

Currently in stock are a number of Mickey rollup beverage doors. Here are just a few of the measurements available:

  • 57 inches tall by 66 inches wide
  • 57 x 57
  • 57 x 52
  • 57 x 40
  • 88 x 52
  • 88 x 40
  • 82 x 400


Our beverage trailer door seals can come in a minimum of 1 foot up to a maximum of 9999 feet. If you are interested in this door seal, the product code is 660-6173. Call for pricing depending on the length.


Mickey carries the following track liners:

  • The Hackney three-sided track insert
  • Used on current Mickeys and the 2014, the Mickey three-sided track line
  • The Mickey track liner


Mickey carries not only a beverage door cable but the associated cable retainer assembly.


Mickey has a number of straps in stock:

  • Mickey 33-inch door strap
  • Mickey 24-inch door strap
  • Hackney style door strap


Currently, the following rollers are in stock:

  • Hackney style 1-inch door roller
  • Hackney style 1 ¼-inch door roller
  • Mickey 1-inch door roller style number three
  • Todco procession roller
  • Mickey 2-inch door roller style number two
  • Mickey door roller, 1 ¼-inch shaft, for used panels


There are numerous parts available in this category. Here’s just a handful:

  • Hackney handle panel
  • Mickey intermediate handle panel
  • Mickey 2 ½-inch bottom handle panel
  • Mickey 5-inch panel
  • Mickey 5-inch flat panel
  • Mickey 3-inch insulated panel
  • Mickey 3-inch top panel
  • Making 3-inch flat panel
  • Mickey 2-inch insulated panel


The following operators are currently in stock:

With cable:

  • Mickey 30-inch door operator
  • Mickey 69-inch door operator

Cable not specified:

  • Mickey 37-inch door operator type O
  • 69 ¼-inch universal door operator
  • 53 5/8-inch universal door operator
  • 20-inch universal door operator

In order to get exactly the part you need, you may occasionally need assistance. A Mickey Genuine Parts representative will be happy to help you with your order.  Ordering from Mickey assures you of not just a wide array of choices (we have an impressive inventory) but of the Mickey guarantee. Namely – quality. We guarantee every part, trailer, truck, and service that we offer. And we’ve been doing it for over 100 years!

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