What Are The Benefits Of Dock Bumpers?

Dock bumpers, overhead doors, industrial doors, loading dock safety – many of these terms are foreign to drivers that aren’t involved with trucking, transportation, trailers, etc. Today, we’re going to take a look at such bumpers, what they are, their purpose, and the benefits of having them.

Dock Bumpers

When a truck hit’s a building (and it happens more often than you’d like to imagine) there is always a damage risk. It doesn’t matter if a traffic dock is a hub of bustling activity or if it experiences low traffic. These things happen. Worst-case scenario, the building and/or the truck sustains severe damage – best case scenario, minor scratches or almost no damage occurs. Dock bumpers, however, are the perfect way to avoid the damage described. When there is trailer or truck impact, 80% of the impact force can be absorbed by this type of bumper.

Clearly, an essential line of defense can be found through the use of dock bumpers as protection against any truck or trailer making deliveries. But there are different kinds of dock bumpers available. How do you know which one to choose?

Types of Dock Bumpers

There are several basic types of dock bumpers:

Steel faced dock bumpers – When it comes to wear, these dock bumpers have the greatest capabilities. Compared to laminated dock bumpers, they offer four times the protection. One question to ask in order to determine if steel faced dock bumpers are right for you: where loading dock equipment or another type of trailer is concerned, what is the likelihood of a collision involving either one? If the likelihood is good, these bumpers could be the perfect choice for you.

Laminated dock bumpers – Where wear capacity is concerned, laminated dock bumpers are about mid-range. They provide flexibility in height, length, and thickness.

Molded dock bumpers – While these are the most attractive dock bumpers available, compared to other types of bumpers, they are far easier to gouge or chip. So, you need to decide, do you want to sacrifice durability for style?

Some Problems May Arise

Even with dock bumpers installed, problems can arise. One common issue does occur when the height of the loading dock bumper doesn’t quite match up against the height of some trailers or trucks. There are companies that will custom make dock bumpers that are raised in order to help guard against damage to the building, docks, trailers, and trucks.

Mickey Carries Dock Bumpers

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