What Are CDL And Non-CDL Drivers Allowed To Do?

Perhaps you have heard of the terms CDL and non-CDL drivers. What are the differences between them? Simply speaking, with a non-CDL license, an individual is not allowed to operate a commercial vehicle. Still, you can drive a passenger vehicle if you have a CDL license. To obtain a CDL license, you will need to take a test. It entails questions having to do with air brakes and the operation of other commercial vehicle systems.

Let us dive into the details of what CDL and non-CDL drivers can do.

CDL Drivers

What job can a CDL driver do? CDL is also known as Commercial Driver’s License. A road trucking job is an example of a job that requires a CDL. Other jobs held by CDL drivers can include courier, mechanics, truck driver training instructor, recruiter, supervisor, special cargo haulers, bus driver, self-employed truck driver, terminal manager, local driver, regional driver, concrete and cement production, chauffeur, taxi driver, dispatcher, delivery driver command and more.

If a vehicle is under 8000 pounds, it can be driven by a non-CDL driver. That applies to smaller trucks as well such as automobiles delivering goods and foods, trucks delivering the mail, and other small packages. For bigger hauls that involve heavier vehicles, you are required to possess a CDL license.

Though CDL licenses allow individuals to operate passenger vehicles, you must have a standard driver’s license to begin a career as a limousine driver. A chauffeur’s license can be applied for eventually. Most chauffeur and limo driver positions do not require CDL licenses.

There are different types of CDL’s: Class C, Class B, and Class A. A few specific requirements will determine your class license as well as GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Non-CDL Drivers

There are federal requirements that designate whether a driver needs a CDL license or not. A CDL license is not needed by an operator if the GVWR of a vehicle is 26,000 pounds or less.

Can trucks with air brakes be operated by non-CDL drivers? Yes, they can. CDL drivers are the only ones who need air brake endorsement. Simply put, it is all about weight.

If you are in a company that requires you to drive a commercial vehicle without a CDL, do not do it! 

Penalties For Not Having the Right License

Do not attempt to drive a commercial vehicle if you do not have the appropriate CDL license. If your CDL license is suspended, or if you do not have one, you could face up to $2500 in civil penalties. 

Additionally, you can be sentenced up to 90 days in prison, $5000 in fines, criminal penalties, and more in aggravated cases. Furthermore, if your employer requires you to drive a commercial vehicle knowing that you do not possess a CDL license, they will be subjected to $10,000 in fines and penalties.

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